Practice Squad

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    Practice Squad

    My projected PS -


     TE - Landi

     WR - Sims

     RB - Winn

     OL - McDonald

    LB - Tarpinian

     DB - Green or Morris

     Dl - Bequette or Vallone

     Ol  - Stankiewitch

    If Tebow is cut then one of the OL positions will be replaced by a QB they pick up.

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    Re: Practice Squad

    Hard for me to believe Tebow makes the team


    I am still trying to figure out the thinking on him being here anyways

    (If God forbid we lost BB, J Mc would probably be the heir apparent- which would be okay cause we would keep our offense and he was a HC, but he lost his locker room and his hard on for Tebow scares the bejesus out of me)

    And i have no idea what else we could do for BU QB?

    or even emergence qb -endleman anybody???


    Pat's Fan lost in Jet Land