Pre-Game Thread Cinn vs NE

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    Re: Pre-Game Thread Cinn vs NE

    Davedsone ... you are correct. 
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    Re: Pre-Game Thread Cinn vs NE

    Great game!!!!! The entire team looked good. The defense let down because of the big lead and I am not worried about how the Cincy 2nd half offense was able to put up some points. 
    I promised myself I would not do this but I have officially become a troll on the Indy Star. 

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    Re: Pre-Game Thread Cinn vs NE

    The Pats had pressure on Palmer all game, enough pressure that in time, BB will
    get more complex plays, and that alone will confuse the Offense enough for us to get some rushing the passer, knockdowns, and sacks.

    Freshkick, you are right, they didn't give up the big plays, and the hits were almost immediate after the catch.

    The most impressive thing in this game that was severely lacking last year, and to me the biggest reason why we lost the Colts game was Brady's 8 minute sustained drive in the 4th.  Last year at that time of the game, they would have been 3 and out, or try heaving it downfield in 2 plays, get the FG or a turnover
    and we had the ball for maybe  minutes, keeping the D out there way too long, and in the Colts game, the offense kept giving Manning the ball back before before he got to sit down, and if you do that, he or any good qb who has been cold all day has the ability to get hot which he did.  Today the 8 minute drive and score "was the game" for us.

    That type of offense is the best D, it is what the West Coast offense is all about, not scoring 60 points as fast as you can as we have been doing since Moss and Welker, but use the passing game as part of the running game and sustain some drives and everyone is happy.

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    Re: Pre-Game Thread Cinn vs NE

    The defense was spectacular.  In the first half they completely shut down what everyone was hyping as an unstoppable offense this morning.  In the second half they forced the Bengals into long, time consuming drives that sealed the game.  A+ all around.
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    Re: Pre-Game Thread Cinn vs NE

    Many folks here are pointing to the second half points Cincy put on the board.  How about the kick-off TD, instead off running off 12 seconds or so of the clock to begin the second half, only to give the Cincy offense onto the field so fast, the Pats O scored the TD running 5 - 7 minutes off the clock.  Could have been an entirely different second half.  That 5 - 7 minutes less for the Cincy O could have meant one less TD for Cincy and more rest for the D.

    Speaking of the D, given how the Pats D shut 'em down in the first half, why is everyone so worried about a soft D in the second, with plenty of second stringers playing, cause for concern?  If they were able to do it for a half, against a quality O, I feel good they could do it for an entire game.