Pre-season changes on D more important to the team than TB?

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    Pre-season changes on D more important to the team than TB?

    They went 11-5 last year with Bruschi, Vrabel and Seymore and without TB. Now you reverse that and they'd have to win out to match last years record? 
    I've seen comments that losing the veteran presence on D isn't the problem so I thought I'd ask what you think is the problem.

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    Re: Pre-season changes on D more important to the team than TB?

    The problem has been mainly Offensive. One defensive problem that i can think of.

    Defensive : 0 Pass rush. Maybe Seymore trade changed this, as he would have allowed other guys to rush vs 1 guy. But Vrabel could not pass rush last year, and Bruschi is obviously an ILB whose role was diminishing.

    1) Brady getting comfortable coming off the Knee Surgery. Obviously, he struggled earlier on. Hasn't been consistent delivering the football sharply.

    2) Change in Offensive Co-ordinator - This has been anther major problem. Calls havent been mixed up well enough among other problems.

    3) Lack of #3 WR - If i were a coach of the opposing team, i would put my #1 corner on welker, and #2 corner + safety on Moss, and see if the pats could find a way to beat me with edelman, watson, faulk and maroney.

    4) Offensive Line - At times, the OLINE has been a problem. It kind of reminds me of last year, how they started off horrible and worked into a groove, maybe that will happen this yr as well. Brady is getting hit alot and sometimes way too quickly. Blown coverages on 3 man rush have lead to hits or sacks..
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    Re: Pre-season changes on D more important to the team than TB?

    I get what your saying, but should'nt it be. Who's to blame?

    After all the calling of Gaffney's head for drops last year. We sure would like to have him to atleast kick around this year. I would guess the schedule. But that don't hold water.
                  Pats 08'
    CHIEFSW, 17-10
    at JetsW, 19-10
    DOLPHINSL, 38-13
    at 49ersW, 30-21
    at ChargersL, 30-10
    BRONCOSW, 41-7
    RAMSW, 23-16
    at ColtsL, 18-15
    BILLSW, 20-10
    JETSL, 34-31 (OT)
    at DolphinsW, 48-28
    STEELERSL, 33-10
    at SeahawksW, 24-21
    at RaidersW, 49-26
    CARDINALSW, 47-7
    at BillsW, 13-0
                   Pats 09
    BUFFALOW, 25-24
    JetsL, 16-9
    FalconsW, 26-10
    RavensW, 27-21
    DenverL, 20-17 (OT)
    TennesseeW, 59-0
    Tampa Bay**W, 35-7
    MIAMIW, 27-17
    IndianapolisL, 35-34
    N.Y. JETSW, 31-17
    New OrleansL, 38-17
    MiamiL, 22-21
    CAROLINAW, 20-10
    Buffalo1 p.m.*
    Houston1 p.m.*

    In the east we are looking at the same record. If we get the road win @ Buff. Both years had losses to indy. Both years we had Denver. 08 a win 09 a loss. What is most alarming to me is. Who did we beat that we we'nt suppose to? We know the Brady that come back has not been the one that got hurt. He's thrown some he should have held or thrown away. BB has pressed the 4th down much more this year. We can't forget that it was the D that let the jest off last year in OT. 3rd and 15 UUUGH.
    Either way? At least as of now were not looking for favre to not tank the jest to get us in.