Remember folks ... T & T = R ...that is Turnovers and Touchdowns are all automatically Reviewed. Throw the red Flag it will cost you. There are assistant coaches in the booth wired to the coaches ...chit just happens.

In the past a thrown RED would challenge the officials call and if proven correct than the Coach would not be called for a Timeout BUT never a reward for an official bad call. I always thought the official rules should have given the challenged Coach a 5 yard increase or something or halfway to the GL. Officials need Quality Control - Right Goodall - as well.... It is possible to change this rule with the coach with help up above in the booth, could still throw the flag - after the fact of review - and be rewarded and not lose a TO.

Seems to me the penalty should be other than a 'Delay of Game' because it's reviewed anyhow. Penalty for cynicism perhaps but not unsportmanlike..LOL

another thing, who are the aggressive teams that seem to try strip/punch the ball while tackling? Some teams seem to be 'coached more' on D to strip/punch the ball from a runner. From experience we were told to always try to strip/punch if the angle for a sure tackle was there.

Have a good night! I don't post much but try to do my small part.