Bad week, I went 1 for 4 for picks. But I'm sure atleast everyone went 3 for 4. But let's try this again. Here we go....

#1 New England Patriots vs.#6 New York Jets
I don't know what to make of this really. On one hand the last time these two teams saw each in Foxboro we all know what happened, but it doesn't seem likely that the Patriots will blow out the Jets again. If the Pats get lead early, hit strides offensively and stay solid defensively, they will walk away with the win. But if the gets can disrupt Brady and force him to play outside his comfort zone and actually force turnovers, it will be an interesting game.
WINNER: New England Patriots 

#2 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. #5 Baltimore Ravens
I'm expecting a great, smash-mouth game of football from these two clubs as always. I think its a toss up and could go either way, but I think that the Ravens are playing better football right now and have more weapons (Rice > Mendenhall & Boldin, Heap, Mason > Ward, Wallace). Plus with the Steelers weak O-line and the Ravens' D being the Ravens' D, its not going to be an easy day for Big Ben.
WINNER: Baltimore Ravens

#1 Atlanta Falcons vs. #6 Green Bay Packers
This is going to be the best of all four games I think, and thats saying something compared to the two AFC games. Both teams seem to be running like well oiled machines right now. It's hard to choose because neither team has a real QB advantage, Rodgers and Ryan are very similar to me in skill level, so I keep going back and forth on it. I feel one way today and I could totally change my opinion by tomorrow, but I got to go with my gut.
WINNER: Green Bay Packers

#2 Chicago Bears vs. #4 Seattle Seahawks
I officially have a team to root for in the NFC, and that team is the Seahawks; Vindicating their playoff spot by beating last years Super Bowl champs! I hope that they can pull the upset and make it to the next round. Problem is, my heart is telling me to choose the Cinderella story, my brian is telling me something completely different. I think that the Seahawks caught a weak Saints team off guard and capitalized, the Bears have a better running offense with Forte and the Seahawks have awful run D. I expect the Bears to run it down their throat.
WINNER: Chicago Bears