Predictions; who will be starting on September 14?

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    Predictions; who will be starting on September 14?

    Hopefully, we get through training camp and pre-season games without any major injuries, for once. Barring injuries, this is how I see it playing out;

    Offense; Not too many changes. Hopefully Kazur is beat out by one of the rookies at RT. Galloway is the 3rd wideout, and obviously Moss and Welker remain in place. Probably Watson at TE, although I wouldn't bet the house on it. Tossup between Maroney and Taylor at RB. Maybe this is just wishful thinking but I see Brady coming out on fire, having another MVP year and leading us to the SB!!

    Defense; Only change in front 7 is Crable at LOLB. SS; Chung, FS; Merriwether, corners are Boden and  Springs, with a good possibillity that one of the 2nd year kids beats out Springs.
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    Re: Predictions; who will be starting on September 14?

    J.Sanders will start the first game ahead of Chung. Pierre Woods ahead of Crable.
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    Re: Predictions; who will be starting on September 14?

    On offense it is pretty set up...

    QB - Tommy, say no more.

    RB - Maroney, our best talent, underrated and under appreciated on this board.

    WR - Moss, still the best deep threat in the league.

    WR - Galloway, if healthy will play wide on the opposite side.  Welker may be ahead of him on the depth chart but that is only a formality, Wes plays the slot.

    TE - Watson, like Maroney our best talent and in a contract year so BB will milk him.
    LT - Light

    LG - Mankins, our best lineman.

    C - Koppen

    RG - Neal

    RT - Kaczur, although it wouldn't surprise me if O'Callaghan beats him out or moves ahead should he get hurt.  Ryan is just better and the future.

    WR/TE - Welker and Baker, we have no fullbacks on the roster and tend to use dual tightends or three wide sets often. Welker is the slot guy and is on the field a lot, but when we run the ball Baker will be out there.  Thomas will get a lot of reps as well.


    Left End - Ty Warren

    Nose - Wilfork

    Right End - Seymour

    LOLB - Pierre Woods

    MLB - Mayo

    MLB - Bruschi

    ROLB - Thomas

    CB - Butler, the corner position is the hardest to predict. Bodden might be a bust, Springs might get hurt and cut before the season begins, Whilhite and or Wheatley may have great camp and end up starting..?  Bill B has shown no hesitation starting a rookie if he thinks they can do the job, think back to Asante Samuel and Eugene Wilson's rookie season, Wilson started at free safety and Samuel at nickel back after taking all the reps in training camp.  I say Butler wins out.

    CB - Springs/Bodden?  Wheately will cover the slot in the nickel and is a big reason we let Hobbs go. 

    SS - Sanders will start the season but Chung will be there at the end

    FS - Meriweather

    Special teams =

    KR - Wheatley, Slater hasn't convinced me, I think he might make a better defender or WR than kick returner?

    PR - Welker, will probably start the season but Wheatley could return punts as well..?

    Kicker - Ski

    I'm not a big fan or believer in the depth chart, Bill B has a large roster and uses every ounce of it to create mismatches.  Injuries in training camp or simply using the guy that was hot early in camp is typical of Bill, I still believe a couple years ago Seymour signed a team friendly contract with the understanding that he would sit the first half of the season, or he was getting a "pay to play" deal. 

    BB often keeps the players he wants healthy in the latter half of the season on the IR and uses up the older guys or guys with limited futures early, a big part of the reason Maroney is labeled as soft.  I remember when Antoine Smith was getting old he sat the entire season with Faulk starting at running back, when the playoffs rolled around, Smith was mysteriously healthy and we rode him all the way through the post season to a superbowl victory with a grinding running attack.

    Fantasy football stats mean nothing, having your best players healthy and peaking for the playoffs is everything.
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    Re: Predictions; who will be starting on September 14?

    I think Baker could give Watson a run for his money at the starting TE position.  I agree J. Sanders will Start over Chung, I just can't see BB starting a rookie over a vet, unless injuries become a factor.
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    Re: Predictions; who will be starting on September 14?

    Way to early to guess.  But rest assure it will be the best 11 on both Offense and Defense.
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    Re: Predictions; who will be starting on September 14?

    QB: Tom Brady
    HB: Lawrence Maroney
    WR: Randy Moss
    WR: Joey Galloway
    Slot WR: Wes Welker
    TE: Ben Watson
    LT: Matt Light
    LG: Logan Mankins
    C: Dan Koppen
    RG: Stephen Neal
    RT: Sebastian Vollmer-Have to have some sleeper picks
    LE: Ty Warren
    NT: Vince Wilfork
    RE: Richard Seymour
    LOLB: Greg Ellis (Signed in June as a FA)
    MLB: Tedy Bruschi
    MLB: Jerod Mayo
    ROLB: Adalius Thomas
    CB: Darius Butler
    CB: Leigh Bodden
    SS: James Sanders-Patrick Chung by Week 4
    FS: Brandon Merriweather
    K: Stephen Gotskowski
    P: Chris Hanson
    LS: Jake Ingram
    KR: Terrence Wheatley
    PR: Wes Welker