Press blows it arrest

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    Re: Press blows it arrest

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    Todays media is absolutely starved for a they will report anything before actually confirming it, just so they look like they are on top of it.

    Hell, the stupid NY Post reported 12 dead the day it happened.....freakin morons!!

    The sooner everyone realizes that (most) of the media is a complete joke, the better.

    Yeah, the news is a joke but some of the female anchors and reporters are hot, and that' s all that matters!

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    Re: Press blows it arrest

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    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:


    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment:


    Usually, if they think they know who the guy is and have some leads about where to find him they won't release pictures for fear of tipping him off.  They tend to release pictures if they don't know who he is or where he is and don't have good leads.  I see three possibilities for what happened yesterday. 

    1. The info just got confused.  A source said they had "got the guy," meaning simply they had found a picture of him but not intending to suggest that they knew who he was or had him in custody, but the press misinterpreted that to mean the guy was identified and caught.

    2. They initially thought they had positively identified the guy but later found they were wrong.

    3.  They do think they know who the guy is, but had a change of heart about saying anything because they wanted more time to gather evidence.


    I think they have the guy. I think they're peppering him with questions, etc, to see if there is a connection with the Ricin situation from Memphis.  Someone knows they have the guy, relayed the info to a news source, and it shouldn't have been leaked.


    Menino is all but saying they have the guy.

    If this is a domestic right wing nutjob situation (sort of smells like it), it may be a deeper cell than perceived, so they may be working the guy over a bit and don't want too much heat with the process.

    Seems awfully convenient that Sen Levin (D-MI), Wicker (D-MS), Shelby (D-AL) got packages and we just had the gun vote yesterday, with the Newtown families at the finish line of the marathon.

    Seems too convenient. AL, MS and MI all have LARGE populations of extremists who like their guns. 

    By the way, I am embarrassed as an American that the Senate didn't pass very logical and simple gun legislation.

    You want an example as to what the problems are with our political system, lobbying, money, the need for term limits, etc, look no further than that disgusting 54-46 vote block on a basic and sensical run regulation yesterday.

    An absolute disgrace.

    Every single American should look on line to see how their Senators voted and if yours voted against it, you're (not you, specifically) are a moron for not voting them out of office in 2014.

    Lobbying should be fully transparent and regulated (should be broadcast on CSPAN and the internet with all discussions in full disclosure), term limits need to a reality NOW and give more power back to the president so we can actually see our system work better.


    Rand Paul should be beaten into a pulp.  Anyone who votes for that guy should be arrested.



    Fully agree on the embarrassing lack of action on guns Rusty. Sadly, not surprised though. 



    What is even the argument as to why you'd vote against sensible, improved regulations on simple background checks?


    Seriously. This was a bi-partisan bill and a no brainer.  Lobbysists and special interest groups, along with long term, entrenched Congressmen/women, is the other major issue.

    Meanwhile, we have moron Americans only biyatching about what president is in office.
    Americans need to realize, it's as important, if not more so to vote in the elections for Congress, not just for president.



    The only problem with background checks I can see Rusty is that by themselves, they won't make any significant difference in the amount of gun crime, so if they were to be implemented they'd be used as more evidence by the gun lobby of gun laws being ineffective.  It is true that the thousands of toothless laws on the books now are ineffective. But the fact that a lot of weak and ineffective laws don't work doesn't prove that stronger laws wouldn't work.  Banning high capacity clips would be much more effective, but unfortunately that won't happen in the US any time soon.  

    Also I wonder how many Americans even know who their congressperson is.  When I lived there I had my congressman's local and washington office numbers in my cell phone and called all the time. 

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