Press Coverage

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    Press Coverage

    It seems that the formula for beating Tom Brady discovered by the Dolphins when they shut us out in 2006 remains equally effective today ... play tight man-on-man coverage, jam the f*ck out of our receivers at the line of scrimmage, and then get pressure.  Most of our close games since the Phins '06 game have been against this type of defense - the Eagles, Ravens and the Giants (minus the blitzing).  In contrast, the soft zone, as employed by the Jags in January 2008, is a recipe for disaster. 

    So how do we beat the press?  It's not just Galloway.  Morris was having trouble getting off the line.  So what do we do.  Anyone?
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    Re: Press Coverage

    Run. Stop passing and run. It will confuse the shit out everyone why we have Tom Brady and Randy Moss and still running.
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    Re: Press Coverage

    bubble screen. Welker/Edelman combination. That's going to be the newest wrinkle in our offense and for a while it'll give defenses trouble.
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    Re: Press Coverage

    I don't think Morris can be judged at this point because of his lack of carries. 
    In order to handle the blitz, the Pat be committed to the Run!!
    However, I would like to see Taylor start over Maroney at this point.   The Pats must be committed to running the football, maybe the Pats should activate BJGE over Sammy.  While it's not just Galloway, he has to show something fast, as in the next game in Atlanta fast!  If Galloway continues to struggle, then Nunn, Aiken, Edelman(very impressive so far), or maybe even Watson for the #3 WR.  Yes, Watson may be a TE, but he's just as fast as any WR in the NFL.  In fact, I would love to try Watson out as WR, he could knock the DB's off like flies!  

    I think the D has been decent up to this point, but they have to do a better job on 3rd and longs.  I remember the game in Seattle last season, were BB brought the house against Seattle as the season was on the line.  I want to see that kind of aggressiveness again, I also would like to keep A.D. on the outside, bring in help off the waiver wire if need be for MLB.
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    Re: Press Coverage

    We tried bubble screens but the Ravens, err Jets, shut them down. 

    I was referring to Morris being jammed (quite effectively) when he lined up as a wide receiver.  On two passes, Brady overthrew him, expecting Morris to have already beaten the press.  If Morris had beaten the press a half second earlier, he would have picked up big yards.

    Running the ball might help keep the enemy defense guessing, but it has nothing to do with press coverage.  Without any physical receivers who can beat up opposing Dbacks at the line, how do we beat the press?
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    Re: Press Coverage

    Run pick plays like Indy has for the last four seasons. Simple as that. If they want to 'jam' you, jam them back and run a WR behind the 'jam.'

    That and you can get a clean release by running more drag routes.

    I think NE should develop a 'fake' bubble screen, designed to clear the intermediate defenders in Welker's direction, and then stab over their head.

    I didn't think jamming was a huge issue last game as much as contact downfield. The Jets got a major homefield discoutn from the refs, which is normal.

    It is actually 10x worse in college . . . take some time and watch the distribution of calls in a college atmoshpere. It is crazy.

    Lastly, the Pats were the Pats' worst enemy on Sunday. They were dropping passes, Edelman misran two routes, Galloway one, and Moss misran one crucial route.

    Brady missed three passes, two of which were huge.

    If they stick three or four of those miscues it could have been 17-3 at the half, at which point it is a totally different game.

    So give the Jets credit for playing very well, but don't forget that the Pats offense has yet to string together two good quarters against anyone.

    And if they don't sort it out, they will be 1-2 next week, because the Falcons are coming to play.
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    Re: Press Coverage

    Motion? We don't need that...why try to help our QB read coverage?  Why try to help younger/slower/older WR's get a free break off the line? Why try to disguise a running play with WR motion?

    OK, OK I get's suddenly all coming into effect when the games REALLY matter..we don't want to give away too much at this point in the season.

    Is there a Pat's suggestion box for plays?  Can we name the suggestion box the OC so Bill can focus on coaching inexperienced D players?
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    Re: Press Coverage

    Sending men in motion works too, plus it has the added advantage of sniffing out zone coverage in some cases.
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    Re: Press Coverage

    In Response to Re: Press Coverage:
    [QUOTE]Sending men in motion works too, plus it has the added advantage of sniffing out zone coverage in some cases.
    Posted by zbellino[/QUOTE]

    Finally someone on this board with constructive responses! Keep up the good work, there is a strong need for it here.
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    Re: Press Coverage

    Also i'd like to see more welker/edelman screens... and once they are effective, do a fake screen where moss goes to block on the corner then takes off after faking, and hopefully brady can hit him 1 on 1 against a safety...

    I also want our RB screens back... those used to own, and we just dont do them anymore ever since we got WR's... i think that will beat the hell out of the blitzes...

    1 last thing... i would like to see edelman run some sort of wildcat mayb 3-4 plays per game... But i am still not sure it would be successful like the phins... thier line makes some really good holes... our line has trouble making holes for RB's..