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I am really not sure of the point you are making? That we haven't had enough talent from time to time? Who could disagree with that?

The question is then why is that so. I think you are also saying that it is systemic and indemic to the nature of the league and in particular to being a successful team in the league? That means not always have top picks, having other teams copy our schemes, other teams appropriate our coaches and talent and having to continually re-invent our offense and defense. 

As a Pats fan, I do not consider that a problem; in fact, I consider it an honor. Also. since it is systemic. I do not fault BB for not having perfect drafts and I accept he has had his share of losers because it is not possible to do the job, adjust continually, experiment continually without having losers. 


Yeah.  It's pretty simple.  The reason the team has lost in the playoffs recently mostly comes down to gaps in talent and related execution failures.  The gaps in talent exist for several reasons, listed in order of importance:


  • Injury
  • Constraints of the salary cap and draft position
  • A team-building strategy that weighs individual talent a bit lower than other things like depth, complementary skills, versatility, and flexibility and that also places a high emphasis on finding undervalued players  (this strategy, like any strategy, has pluses and minuses, but it does tend to limit the number of top-talented players the team acquires)
  • Mistakes in talent selection (nothing the Pats are worse at than others, but they still occur)




NO. Gaps in talen CANNOT exist due to salary cap as it is  level playing field. NO, a team building strategy does not devalue depth, complimentary skills, versatility, or flexibilty man what are you talking about? It values those concepts, it devalus paying a bunch of money to 1st round unproven talent that more often then not doesnt meet the pay requirements. So,in that aspect you are correct, it is simple. sorry about speling, posting from my old android.

Yes they can.  Some teams are willing to spend more in some years with resulting cap issues the following year.  The Ravens are a perfect example.  They let themselves get into cap problems that forced them to dump players this year.  But last year they were a more talented team that overcame many injuries and was highly competitive in the playoffs. They are paying for it this year, but they won everything last year.


I agree with this, and this is why I get so bent when discussing the team building of this team over the last five years. I think we had the opportunity to "go for it" at least once over that span, and I think we should of because quarterbacks like Tom Brady don't come along very often. We had Vince in his prime, we had Welker here, Gronk, Hernandez...their were some pieces in place. Instead we wouldn't spend to the cap, we kept passing on talent in the draft to acquire more picks for next year...kept planning for the future...the future...the future and sooner or later time runs out. Has it run out? I know we are winning, but guys like Vince aren't coming back, Brady isn't getting any this going to be enough against good teams in the playoffs? It hasn't been in the past, why would it be now?

And for all the "it's not just Brady and the coach" stuff, try putting another quarterback on this offense this year and you tell me how that would go. Put Bledsoe back there (he'd throw five picks a game and we'd lose four of them). Put Eli Manning back there (he'd do the same). Put "Matty Ice" back there (he'd lose half of these games and be run out of town). Don't discount this quarterback for a second, he is doing more things...making more decisions that are making us win than the average fan knows.

I've said it before, I'll say it again...Belichick is not a terrible GM, but most GMs would be fired for the free agents he has brought in over the last five years if not for the great coaching that is going on and the great quarterback play. And that's alright, that's no better or no worse than anyone else could of done...the draft is a crap shoot.