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Pro athletes and staying in shape

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    Re: Pro athletes and staying in shape

    He is a big believer of sports science.  Everyone has their beliefs when it comes to fitness.  We have all seen physically fit athletes that are out of shape.  He wants his players at peak performance on game day.  He brings a lot of inovation to the NFL so it will be interesting to see the Eagles this season.

    When in Oregon he made sure the fitness center had a nutrition bar, a dentist office and underwater treadmills.  He believes an elite athlete needs 10-12 hours of sleep and he believes there is a best physiological time to practice.  He also pays attention to what and when his players eat.  He has hired a sports science coordinator to oversee players nutrition and sleep.  He wants his players at their peak on game day.  Probably a lot different then how Andy Reid ran the team.  Should be interesting.

    There are so many changes this season, lots of players changing teams, coaches with different teams, lots of teams getting better, a few rule changes, I can't remember a time that I have been more excited for a football season to start then I am now.  Well maybe when the Pats signed Moss,  but this is different, this is a whole league that's going to be different.