Pro Bowl...unwatchable.

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    Re: Pro Bowl...unwatchable.

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    I think anybody could have told you that 15 years ago.  EVERYONE knows not to watch the Pro Bowl.
    Posted by N2thaIzzo

    I had no unrealistic expectations and like I said I was needing a football fix. I had the game on but was doing other things. It was the worst effort I had ever seen, and the crowd was unhappy as well, indicated by the boos that rained down upon them after the first couple of plays. They did pick it up a little more but it was nothing more than a fiesta.
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    Re: Pro Bowl...unwatchable.

    Anyone else remember when "Wide World of Sports" used to do those super team contests when players competed in nonfootball events like rowing, weight lifting, obstacle courses and then a tug-o-war at the end? 
    Bring that back as a probowl experience because the current game makes "Battle of the Network Stars"  look like it was the pinnacle of competion and sport.

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    Re: Pro Bowl...unwatchable.

    The Pro Bowl was on?