Professional Officiating!

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    Professional Officiating!

    I have been watching Boston Sports for over 30 years now. I have seen many changes over the years. One change that I believe is getting worse is the officiating in most of the major sports. Not just against Boston teams, but in general. Here is how I rank the officiating in sports. From WORST to BEST (or not as bad). I am curious to see what you all think. This is just my view. I could be wrong.
    3-MLB (balls & strikes)
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    Re: Professional Officiating!

    Pretty much a robot could officiate MLB because it's so black and white. The NBA is a mess along with all basketball. A non contact sport with a ton of contact so a foul could be called anytime the ref wants, and he could reasonably justify it. The NFL has gotten worse because they have made it harder to officiate. Overall I think we all know what a catch is, and a tackle and a fumble and can identify when a defender is robbing a receiver because he isn't in a position to defend but the league can't seem to define what those things are in the rulebook so we are left with some convoluted legalese explanation every week on why exactly that last TD is not really a TD even though it has been a TD throughout football history.