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Progress of the Defense.

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    Re: Progress of the Defense.

    In Response to Re: Progress of the Defense.:
    In Response to Re: Progress of the Defense. : Becauz the part you and Burger King and the rest of the defensive apologists are not focusing on is, if you watched the game instead of seeing what you wanted to see, the inefficiency of the Steelers red zone offense. 3rd quarter 13:17 - 14 play drive starting on PIT27 to the NE 3 eating 7:06 off the clock. PIT kicks 21 yard FG. 3rd quarter 2:20 - 11 play drive starting on PIT 32 to NE 5 eating 5:54 off the clock. PIT kicks 23 yard FG. (I'll be kind to you guys and ignore for now the 43 yd FG missed by Suisham at 6:03 of the 4th). That's 25 plays and nearly a full quarter's worth of TOP at the game's most crucial point. Stops on those drives might have had the Patriot's back in the game. Now you guys want to look at that and say how well the defense played! Some more reasonable people want to say this game could EASILY BEEN A PIT BLOWOUT. Take away the awful pass by Ben to Guyton, this game EASILY could have been 36-13 (if Ghost doesn't hit the goal post and Suiham hits too). I would proffer that that score would probably be more reflective of the actual game played that day. So was it good defense by the Pats? Or was it poor red zone execution by the Steelers? You and Burger King can jump up and down and scream all you want, but the game I watched Sunday looked a lot more 36-13'ish.
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    Classic!! You are saying that Pitt moved the ball at will but then out of nowhere fell apart in the red zone and had trouble scoring a td. Nothing to do with the Pats defense tightening up in the red area, just dumb luck. Good one.
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