Brady looked crisp and accurate. Perhaps his best game of the season.

The Pats pounded the rock! They ran the football. This brought balance to the offense. The Pats were one dimensional on offense with a glaring lack of a third WR and little or no running attack. Now with Taylor and Morris, the Pats will run the ball. They will need to do that to eat up the clock and keep guys like Manning off the field. Running the ball will solve alot of problems the team has had on offense.

James Sanders played a great game. He is know playing like a real safety. I was not a fan of his. I always felt he was late on plays but he looks different. He's stepping up! 

Belichick has obviously tweaked the scheme for the front seven (less predictably). They are getting more pressure on the QB. You've got to love how hard Mike Wright plays and hustles. Hopefully Springs can anchor the other corner position.