Prophetic and painful

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    . Do you think it's possible BB could just take them aside and suggest something like this; "HEY, RUN THE F'N BALL . BB ran down the sidelines in last years playoff game yelling at Obrien to do the exact thing.
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    Re: Prophetic and painful

    Actually he told O'Brien to pass the ball because time was running out.  Anyways, BB made a huge scheme adjustment when he lost to the Colts in 2006.  He saw the Colts win against all odds and (according to sources back then) decided that a good defense couldn't hold back a great offense anymore and that's why he the Pats resemble the old Colts now.  Sources (will look for later this is just form memory) said that loss really impacted how he viewed the game.

    The fact that he led the Pats to 2 SuperBowls afterwards (yeah they lost, but getting there is very hard in of itself) I think probably justifies that decision for him.