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You guys are right, where do we stand without this guy? I don't know if we can win the big one with no Pryor or Ballard.

Time to start rooting for next year.

Hello Doom, meet my friend Gloom.

No offense, but you are wayyyyyyyyy off base here.  I won't speak for mthurl, but I assume he more or less agrees with my assessment that the Pats have as good a chance as any team to bring hom the Lombardi this year.  No one is saying we are screwed because of this.  However I think it is fair to be pessimistic about the future of Pryor (not the entire team) because of his injury problems which is what we were talking about.  This is a shame since he has proven to be an effective cog on the interior of the D Line when healthy.  Aren't you always going on about how it is so important not to overuse VW?  A healthy Pryor could have helped in that department.

Sorry PCM, but it sounds to me like you guys are upset that a 6th round (long shot) back up D linemen with .5 sacks and 20 tackles for his career can't get healthy. I get Hurtl's constant complaining about Chung not being able to stay healthy but Pryor?

And yes I do wish we could spell VW more but then again, the guy is getting paid 50 million and is the best NT in the league. Play him.

Now Ron Brace is another story. This guy "just can't get right" and imo he had more potential then Pryor.

I think the point that I was trying to make (that you missed) is that we are hurting with our pass rush up the middle. A guy like Fenene was suppossed to cure some of didn't work. A guy like Brace was suppossed to help...he didn't. So as a last resort you hope a guy like Pryor - who has shown flashes of being a very good player could (heavens to betsy) get healthy for once in his career and contribute. We can still win a Super Bowl, but sooner or later our defense is going to really hamper that chance. I was hoping he could help..he can't. 

I'd rather see Jermaine Cunningham in at DT on pass rushing downs. He has looked good.