Put Talib on Graham W/Help?

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    Re: Put Talib on Graham W/Help?

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    I agree. I actually like how everyone is picking the Saints. Things usually work out well when we lose the week prior and everyone can't wait to write off a BB coached team.   

    i love being the underdog. i feel BB gets the guys to play alot harder to show the Pats dominace again

    But Vegas has the Pats as favorites.

    yeah but no one is actually picking them, also the line is 2.5; home normally gets 3 auto so Saints are technically .5 favorites on neutral ground

    As they should.  Wink

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    Re: Put Talib on Graham W/Help?

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    I like our defensive weapons, and certainly think we can slow the Saints down a bit.

    Talib on Graham, Dennard on Colston, some combination of Mayo and Collins on Sproles, and let Arrington, Ryan, McCourty, et al. take care of the rest. The d-line... Jones, Nink, and Buchanon in particular are going to have to have a big game. If they can disrupt Brees, move him off his spot, and keep the running game contained, the defense will hold their own. At that point, it's up to the offense to score some points and control the ball.

    Easier said than done, but if all 3-phases can have strong performances, considering that this game is at home, no reason we can't win.

    Everyone wrote us off against the Falcons -- same deal here. This team plays better as the underdog. The second they become frontrunners, or get a big head, that's when we run into trouble. That was seen against the Bengals.


    I agree. I actually like how everyone is picking the Saints. Things usually work out well when we lose the week prior and everyone can't wait to write off a BB coached team.   

    The key word you used is "usually".  Since Sean Payton and Drew Brees have been in NewOrleans they have routinely defied the concept of "usually", as well as that of "always".   They have repeatedly bucked every negative trend.

    You're really quite the little homer, huh?  NOs is not as good away from that dome as they are at home.  Don't bother disputing it, it's a fact.  Seattle is the same way. Many dome style teams are like that.

    NE, led by BB and Brady off a loss, are usually pretty tough at home regardless of who the opponent is.

    It should be a good game between two well coached teams.  Just be comfortable in knowing that and don't make more of what it is.


    True, they aren't as good away as they are at home, no team is, but were you aware that the Saints have the best road record since 2009 in the entire NFL?  They are nothing like Seattle in that matter.  Check your facts before making generalizations.

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    Re: Put Talib on Graham W/Help?

    In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

    All I said was they aren't as good on the road as they are at home and the distinction is pretty big.

    For the Saints to have the best road record overall since 2009, that kinda smells to me.

    They didn't have that last year and didn't have it in 2011. 

    Our team won 14 games in 2010, 13 in 2011 and 12 last year.  Our team has lost 2 road games last year, 2 in 2011 and 2 in 2010.

    That's 6 in 3 years.   You're telling me NOs only lost 5 road games in the last 3 years?


    After some investigating.............

    You lost 2 in 2010 and barely beat Cincy and Dallas. lol

    Again, this ain't Cincy and Dallas on Sunday, little guy.

    You lost 2 more in 2011.  And you won one in OT vs Atlanta.  

    You lost 4 games last year on the road and barely beat Dallas in OT!

    That's 8 games which is more than our 6. YOU LOSE.  Don't try to shape it back to 2009 when you won your SB. Your team has NO ONE LEFT from that team minus Colston, Streif, Jenkins, Evans, Thomas, and Brees playing on Sunday.

    6 players out of 22 will have no factor on Sunday as far as ability to win on the road against an angry BB/Brady club.

    If you want to go back to 2009 when it was clear we were transitioning, selling off components to rebuild, then that is your perogative. You're little schtick over-selling your team at every turn, almost to convince yourself the game is in the bag for the Saints, reeks of insecurity. I've caught you in multiple lies or mistakes this week, too, by the way.

    But, you just got caught making it seem like you're road record is somehow the same as when you go into a stronger or as strong coaching and QB led team like here.  

    Again, this ain't Marc Trestman and Jay Cutlie this Sunday, Gweeds.

    Will Smith was a 3-4 OLB in camp and Patrick Robinson played 2 games this season and made your team.


    My point was that with the combination of Brees and Payton the Saints ARE the best road team in the NFL since 2009.  In case it may have slipped your mind, the Saints did not have Payton last season.

    Last first here, Will Smith was lining up at OLB in camp, but was not looking good at all.  His only success in the preseason came when they went to the 4-3 and he had the hand on the ground.  Smith has been a disappointment for the past couple of years and there is not a Saints fan that I know, and I know many, that were at all upset that his injury opened a spot for younger, more dynamic options.

    As for Patrick Robinson, he was easily beat out as a potential starter early in camp and eventually lost out on even being the NB.  He was burned repeatedly and once again, it is a case of addition by subtraction.  His loss gave CB Cory White more of a chance to show how good he actually is.  That said, Jabari Greer and Keenan Lewis have been outstanding as the starting CB's.

    Oh, and exactly how many players do you still have from when you won your last SB?  Huh?

    No, this isn't Trestman and Cutler, but, it is the same Belichick and Brady that lost their last matchup with the Saints in a blowout in which the Pats allowed a perfect QB rating to Drew Brees and his Payton led offensive scheme.  By the way, you are aware that the mighty Belichick and Brady have never beaten Brees, right?  0-3.

    Once again, Harv, you know far less about the Saints than you profess.

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    Re: Put Talib on Graham W/Help?

    In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

    You said Robinson didn't make the team, though. He played 2 games and got hurt.  lol

    Smith, you said he wasn't very good in the 3-4 which is what I predicted with him and your whole team in a 3-4 for Ryan anyway. There are enough people here who saw my analysis on your team, who will remember that.  Then, he got hurt in preseason.

    Stop acting like you couldn't use Smith in your 4-3 right now. Galette is a good player, but all that did was thin your line down.

    You can come back here later in the year and tell me I am wrong, but your depth is weak on your team and it will cost your D. You'll see.  Cameron Jordan is solid, but he's not really ascending as an elite player to this point.  Rob Ryan goes like a bat out of hell with his Ds every year and every year they start hot and fade. Oakland, Cleveland, Dallas. Go look at how those Ds started every year and then what happened as the year went on.

    Our O Line and D Line is far superior to what you saw last week in Chicago, too.  That's sort of  my point. I think you got giddy last week and the Bears are in real trouble. Overrated, Cutler sucks and is out of CHicago next year.  The 0-5 crap Giants almost beat them.  

    Melton and Collins then down for Chicago's DT spot, which made it easier on your run game.

    We'll take Patrick Robinson here next year and him to our mix. He was your best CB last year, by the way.  

    Jabari Greer had a poor game last week, too.

    Fully aware of the 2009 game down in NOs. Trust when I tell you that was the weakest NE has ever been. Congrats, but we all saw it coming.  NOs was SB built, we were transitioning and selling off parts to rebuild on the fly in 2010, 2011 etc, which we've done.

    The reason why you won't win a SB this year is because Loomis cut corners in his teambuild. Yep.  You swapped out way too many players in 2011, 2012 and again this year, which hurts continuity.  Big mistake.  That's why your D was so awful last year. He didn't have players to promote from within, so he went shopping, overpaid for too many new players, and that weakens your overall roster and depth.

    Your drafts have been weak or uneven since 2009 and BB fleeced Loomis in 2011 when he baited Loomis on Mark Ingram.   You traded up and took a disappointment now in the NFL with tons of miles and a VERY LARGE O LIne for Ingram at Bama. It's why Trent Richardson is overrated now for Indy.   Grigson just got fleeced by Lombardi.

    Anyway, you're a diehard fan, as long as you aren't lying about being a fan from the late 60s onward.

    As I said, I never said that Robinson never made the team.  I said he lost his starting spot to Keenan Lewis.  

    As for Gallette, he is an outstanding OLB.  Not sure where you are trying to go with his affect in the 4-3.  As I may have mentioned, Ryan has been lining up in the base 3-4 only 25% of the time, but that doe not mean that the other 75% has been the 4-3.  The 3-3-5, 2-4-5 and the 4-2-5 have been used very often.

    As for depth, it is outstanding.  I have no idea where you are getting the impression that it is shallow.  The Saints have weathered several injuries through the first five games that have forced that depth into play and they have accomplished five wins in five games.  The team is now getting healthy and the depth is greater than ever.  In fact, I would say that this is the one of the deepest rosters the Saints have had from top to bottom that I have seen ever.  Once again, you are displaying how little you know about your opponent.

    HAHAHAHA!!!!  Patrick Robinson was the Saints best CB last year?  LOL!!!  My Gawd, you absolutely have no clue.

    You also have no clue what you are talking about concerning the Saints defense last season.  Name the players that Loomis supposedly "overpaid" for last year.  The defense was awful because they had all been drafted to play in Gregg Williams aggressive hybrid 4-3/3-4 with a man coverage.  Spagnuolo came in, with no way for Payton to hamper the moves, with a fulltime 4-3 and zone coverage.  Talk about misuse of personnel.  To anyone with a real knowledge of the game it was obvious the problem was scheme not personnel.

    As for the defense this season, Cam Jordan is leading the league in QB pressure by a 3-4 DE, comfotably leading JJ Watt of Houston.  Jordan is the real thing, as is Jr. Gallette at the Jack.  Kenny Vaccaro is proving himself to be an absolute stud moving all around the Ryan defense.

    Once again, you insist on trying to disrespect by backhandedly questioning my following of the Saints.  I moved to Louisiana in the Summer of 1967 when my father was transfered with the USAF.  I was nine at the time.  I soon discovered my new state was getting its own team that year and I naturally became a fan immediately and have been ever since.  I am 56 years old, by the way.

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    Re: Put Talib on Graham W/Help?

    In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

    64 tackles, 3 INTs and a TD does not make him your best CB on the league's worst D last year?

    I say it does.

    Finally, you're not playing much of a 3-4 in NOs right now.  Cameron Jordan is a solid player, but for a 1st rd pick in his 3rd year, not very impressive. He can't play well against the run and pass, which is really what you want out of a 1st rd pick on the D Line.

    Again, because he blasted through the line on a poor Bears O Line against Jay Cutler, doesn't mean anything.

    That's not the barometer you should be looking for.   At 287 lbs, JOrdan  is too small to be a quality 3-4 DE over 16 games anyway.   He played on the NFL's worst D last year. 



    You say it does because you didn't watch every snap he played.  In other words, you have no clue what you are talking about.

    And Cam Jordan has been a total stud against the run and pass.  He is leading the entire NFL in QB pressures!  And he has played other teams this year other than the Bears.

    As far as your comment about size and defense last year, you are making yourself look worse with those comments.  Get real.

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    Re: Put Talib on Graham W/Help?

    In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:


    Anyone seen Asylum Guido who was so cocky all week where I had to bludgeon?

    lol ride em rust! get these non-pats outta herre

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