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Questions surrounding the Pats this year...

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    Questions surrounding the Pats this year...

    What we all want answered this season:

    1. Most important - Can Brady get back to his old self? Is he going to be nervous every time he steps up? Will he have any mobility? (Not that he had much in the first place!)

    2. Will the defense be better? Can the new additions of Springs,Bodden,Butler,Chung help? Are they actually going to be good? ....They better be!

    3. How are the 2nd year players going to step it up? Can Crable fill the void at OLB? Can Guyton get considerable playing time and give Bruschi a rest? Can Wheatley get that spark he head against the colts?

    4. Can Maroney be considered are Number 1 RB? We all said last year , its his time to step up but he got injured, so this is Maroneys final chance realistically to do something. He finished '07 SO well, everyone wants he to play like that again but can he do it?

    5. Is Watson going to emerge as the top TE? With all the competition BB has brought in, Watson needs to show that he was worthy of a 1st rnd pick and needs to start catching balls instead of dropping them and actually helping the offense on key plays. Also can David Thomas recreate the great cathcing he had in his rookie season. Everypne saw the spectacular catch against Jax, we want to see consistency though!

    Those are my top questions for the patriots this year. Please add more and offer any comments to mine!


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    Re: Questions surrounding the Pats this year...

    1-Tom will be back better than ever. Don't you believe these trolls who say otherwise. When you rehab after an injury you don't just rehab the injured area. You rehab your whole body. So expect Tom to be in the best shape of his life.
    2-Defense will be better. We almost HAVE to be. Last year we had no pass rush and our cornerbacks consisted of Hobbs, Delta O'Neil and two rookies. I'm not saying we will have a top 5 defense but yea we will be better.
    3-Second year players are always better. Period.
    4-Our running game will be running back by committee. No one player needs to run for 1000 yds. (But it would be nice if someone did!)
    5- I don't think David Thomas makes this team. He would need a TREMENDOUS training camp to do so. But we have a very good group of tight ends and training camp will be very very competitive in this area.

    And finally. Yes we go to the Super Bowl and close the deal.