Saw the game live in NY yesterday and was at the Monday night game too. Here's what I'm seeing:
  • I don't know how you can run a 4-3 with 3-4 personnel.  In the 4-3, you need guys who can penetrate the backfield. Wilfork can do that a little, but he's more suited for standing his ground and taking on blockers in the 3-4 nose tackle position. None of our other guys seem able to get to the passer. Burgess and Banta-Cain as pass-rushing ends so far are disappointments.
  • Our receiving core is in trouble.  Wondering about Moss--he's not getting open deep.  Sure he's double- and even triple-covered a lot, but he used to be able to still stretch the defense. Now he's running underneath routes. If Moss can't go deep, who can on this team?  A friend speculated that Brady's shoulder is worse than we think and the reason the Pats aren't sending Moss deep is because Brady can't throw that far right now. Not sure this is right, but interesting speculation. An alternative is that it's just the play-calling, with the Pats thinking Moss is more effective underneath when he's double covered. Still that limits the offense to dink and dunk.
  • The loss of Seymour is really hurting with the 4-3. Seymour could have been the guy to collapse the pocket in the 4-3.  Trading Seymour doesn't make sense unless BB thinks this team is too weak in too many positions to contend and therefore he's more interested in starting the rebuilding process. Could the Seymour trade signal BB's true feelings about his current team? 
  • We've all thought BB was a genius when it came to evaluating talent. Starting to wonder, though, about the current team.  We've had lots of good draft picks and not a lot to show for them so far.
  • Why aren't we drafting any top OTs? The pass protection was okay yesterday, but our tackles don't impress in the run game and sometimes fall apart in the passing game.
  • I've defended Maroney in the past. But I'm coming around to thinking he really is just a bust. Which gets back to the talent evaluation question--weren't Chad Jackson and Maroney two top picks in one year? Let's hope that's not the kind of talent we get for Seymour.
  • Who are all those DBs? Without LBs seems like we're always playing five DBs.  None of them can cover, so I guess BB is trying to set up an obstacle course or something with a lot of stationery objects downfield for the other team's receivers to avoid. And five DBs does wonders for the run defense too. I'm not big on this 4-2-5 defense we seem to be playing. 
  • Was so loud in the Meadowlands I couldn't hear the fly over!