Randy (Bleeping) Moss

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    Randy (Bleeping) Moss

    Aside from the fact I think Tom Brady played his absolute worst game as a Patriot, I mean the guy looked petrified to get hit yesterday....just a grrooosss performance yesterday.  I'm already excited for next year, so naturally I looked at who's getting paid what, FA on the Pats and FAs the Pats should sign. 

    1)  I think we definitely need to sign Wilfork and hopefully Ron Brace will come along nicely so we'll have 2 huge dudes to plug the holes.

    2)  I am a big fan of Mankins, he is necessary to resign as well

    3) I don't care how they do it but retool that secondary!  I've been saying it for 5 years, I'm tired of seeing these 5'8, 5'10 D-Backs try and run with the big Wide outs.  Draft or sign a solid 6'1...6'2 DBack and prevent the over the top plays. 

    4) I'm willing to bet a bunch of money that Welker misses most if not all of next year, that injury is horrible and tough to recover especially to a guy that pivots, cuts, and jukes alot like he does.  We need one more solid wideout, via trade or free agent....Vincent Jackson, Steve Breaston, Brandon Marshall, Miles Austin.....any of these would look great in a Pats uniform.  I personally like Brandon Marshall and Steve Breaston alot..............or how about trading a 2nd rounder for Anquan Boldin? Or maybe make it more sexy, I'ld trade our 1st for Boldin and their 2nd round pick.

    5) Lets get a Running back pllleeeaaaaasssseeee! No more Maroney, trade or drop him, we need a legit RB, Jerome Harrison looked pretty damn good for the Browns, he's a heavy hard nose hitter and runs down hill, fits in with the Pats style, or what about Darren Sproles......not a fulltime back but damn is that guy fast and quick.

    Or whats the possibility we drop Randy Moss, Maroney, Adalius Thomas.....keep the money, resign Wilfork, Mankins and add more talent with the banked money.  We've done nothing since Randy's been on the team, I don't see any harm in droping or trading him...Adalius will be dropped and sign with the Jets next year,....wont be good, but I think BB can totally retool this team. I look foward to seeing what he does....I know it sounds nuts to drop Randy but he is the most expensive next to Tom and I don't think he's worth it....Anyways please comment, this offseason will certainly be interesting!

    Any opinions? Comments? Suggestions?

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    Re: Randy (Bleeping) Moss

    How does an 18-1 season translate into nothing?

    Spoiled fricken brats some Pats fans have become.
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    Re: Randy (Bleeping) Moss

    Couldnt have said it better adam, spoiled, spoiled spoiled. To all you morons that have a bone to pick w/ 81, he doesnt pass block, or help stop the run. 1270 and 13 td's, thats his average. More than any rec. including Rice. He'll give that to you every year and you wanna drop him. Randy is far from the problem here. Do a lil' research, a lil' work before you speak loser. He's been our only scoring threat for 3 years, no team is worried about Welker puting up 6. No team is planning all week to stop Maroney. This guy scores TD's better than anyone in history, but because we cant pass block for chit you want to drop him? Change your screen name to Mr. know nothing!
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    Re: Randy (Bleeping) Moss

    18-1......I'ld rather have a superbowl win over a perfect season.......they did nothing, great season, only to kick every patriot fan in the crotch.  Rodney Harrison could have flicked the ball out of David Tyree's hand/helmet......woulda been game over.  So yes they did nothing but have a great season that fell short.
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    Re: Randy (Bleeping) Moss

    How do u hate on randy u act like he hurts us imagine if we didnt have him he is not to blame are stinks and so do must of are running backs.  If we had a decent third reciever we would be a hell of a better team.