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Rank the Pats top 4 needs...

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    Rank the Pats top 4 needs...

    Alright, here's your chance to play GM for the Pats.  If you were making the personnel decisions, what 4 areas would you address ASAP?

    My top four are as follows:

    1) OLB who can get to the QB consistently
    2) CB who can shut down the other teams #1 WR
    3) A RB who can hit the hole, make the opposing defender sorry he got in his way, and get run with a purpose (aka Toby Gerhardt)
    4) A third WR who can stretch the seam, block in the running game, and take some heat off of Moss and Welker (aka Anquan Boldin)

    What say you?
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    Re: Rank the Pats top 4 needs...

    If I am the GM for the Pats then we

    1) still have Jabar Gaffney as the 3rd WR and we in turn have a better offense.

    2) Still have Mike Vrabel

    3) Still have Seymore

    Those 3 moves alone would make the team better.

    The last thing i would do is bring in a real pass rusher like Peppers or Ware.