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    Re: RasI

    some things never change, ya know?

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    Re: RasI

    I would not be shocked if that groin injury keeps him out the entire year. Seriously. I was at camp last year and he looked good, then he went down in the corner of the endzone...came up limping...he never played for us again.

    The whole buzz around camp that day was how Rasi looked good and the injuries were behind him and he was finally going to help us. That was actually the last time he stepped foot on the field for the Patriots.

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    Re: RasI

    It's a tough game with lots of injuries.  Lots of guys with talent and promise cannot overcome physical challenges.  I guarantee the least tough NFL player would amaze some of the posters on this board with just how much they've had to endure pain-wise in order to make it to the NFL.  If you've played sports, you realise just what I'm saying -- you're never 100% and even when the stakes are relatively low for us amateurs no one wants to sit on the sidelines.  Pain killers and pressure from above surely magnifies the situation for NFL-ers, 99% of whom are in position to make the most money they'll ever see in their lives.    

    If Ras-I could play, he would.