In Response to Re: Rate the Young Guys on Pat's Defense:
In Response to Re: Rate the Young Guys on Pat's Defense : Bah he deserves a B grade. He got sent a message by BB nothing more. He's the best we have at that position and still has a lot more upside. If he has a little more discipline and improves his open field tackling he's going to be rock solid.
Posted by Macrawn

Yeah, that's what you want a player that's in his fourth year in the league and still needs to have a message sent in order for him to perform up to his physical capabilities, yet still isn't doing so.  He may have the best physical ability of any safety on the roster, but that hasn't translated to the field, with that being said, Chung is the best S on the roster as evident by his peformance and number of snaps on D.   Unfortunately players can't be graded on potential and at this point he isn't disciplined and isn't a good open field tackler, nor has he shown progress in those areas so in year four he shouldn't get the benefit of the doubt.