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Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

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    I really can't believe how much of babies Ray Ray and the rest of the Ravens are. Suggs rightfully was called for roughing the passer. and both teams got almost identical calls for hits to the head. I don't see how Brady got preferential treatment. You never see the Patriots make excuses after loss.  And two days later the ravens are still crying. Lastly rules get changed all the time.  The Patriots beat the colts back to back in the playoffs in 2003 and 2004. The Colts complained about contact to the receivers so much the rules were changed.  This was in direct response to how the patriots defended their receivers.  You didn't the see the pats cry week after week about the rule change. They adapted to the new rule. So maybe the ravens should learn a lesson here and stop crying.
    Posted by wmo1679

    Maybe we should all pitch in and buy the Ravens a couple of boxes of diapers. Bunch of cry babies.
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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

    Scouting referees: As part of their preparations for games, the Patriots -- like many NFL teams -- chart tendencies of referees. The topic came up today after Tom Brady mentioned on WEEI that Bill Belichick told the team that Ron Winter's crew, which worked Sunday's game, led the NFL in penalties in 2007 and 2008 and had the second-most in 2009. Said Belichick: "To be the top penalty-calling crew over the last three years, it tells you the game is going to be called tight, and they did call it tight." 
    - Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston

    One team was prepared for everything, while the other was not.  John Harbaugh can keep making excuses.

    And Leon, HOW 'BOUT THEM SAINTS???  We'll see the Jets again soon enough.
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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

    The difference between the Pats and the Ravens is that if the Pats lost the game they wouldn't make excuses and would move on to the next game.  Belichick would have given a short statement saying that he can't do anything about the calls, and that his team was moving on.  And the players would have followed suit.  In the case of the Ravens, you have the head coach and the team's best player whining like it was their right to win that game.  I don't agree with Tom Brady lobbying for a call, but that call was gonna happen regardless, so save your whining Ravens and get on with your season.  Boo hoo hoo you sore sports.   

    And it ain't like the Pats haven't been called for roughing the passer this year on questionable calls. (A. Thomas, Wilfork, Wright anyone?)     
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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

    Suggs was penalized and fined what more proof does Lewis need?

    The Refs have called that consistantly all season, on all teams.  May be Ray Lewis is the one who needs to take his skirt off and play by the rules as they are enforced.
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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

    I don't even want to comment on the call itself but what's with all the talk about Brady calling for it? Name me one skill player in the NFL who doesn't. It aggravates me to no end when every receiver in the league throws their arm up every time they don't come down with it or the corner/safety in tandem.

    It may be time for Raven fans to take a step back and look at the level you're crying at. It's really pathetic

    btw-Go cry in Cincy. We have stats to comb over to make intelligent comments on our next game unlike you guys. 
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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

    Brady, however, said, "Are you kidding me? We're holding the ball, we're unprotected, just sitting there defenseless, so they've got to stay away from me. They deserve to get flagged."

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME.  I'm not a ravens fan but this is football go play ping pong sally.

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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

    After 3 games and after being anointed by the experts, the Ravings had visions of undefeated sugar plums dancing in their heads so it's understandable they would act like cry babies when someone, especially those evil Patriots, dared to deflate their holy blimp.
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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

    Maybe the Ravens coaching staff should have done a better job to let their team know they were going against an officiating staff who has the most calls/game the past three years like BB did. 

    The rule was put in to protect all the players, who was it that got knocked out last year and there wasn't even a flag thrown? Maybe the league would better if all the cheap shot artists just went for the knees to win?
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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

    Espn's Ditka, Dilfer and Ismail all ripped the officiating for the calls against the Ravens on Sunday.  Dilfer said Suggs was blocked into Brady and that and no call was made until Brady pointed to the official. Ismail(on Espn news) said Brady and Manning get preferential treatment. He pointed out on the the injury to Gaither that Flacco was hit by a Patriot 3 steps after Flacco released the ball, yet no call. 

    The Ravens had their chances to win. You go into to New England history tells you going back to the tuck rule through Sunday you are not going to get calls. You have to overcome that. The Ravens had more total yardage then the Pat's. The Ravens destroyed the Pat's on the ground. You can't drop the the ball inside the 10 yard line with 30 seconds to go. If they meet again in the playoffs the game would be a great game. I would still give the edge to the Pat's because of Belichick
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    Re: Ravens are blaming officials AGAIN!

    What a bunch of sore losers. Making penalties in the game is about committing mental errors. The ability to stop yourself from committing a mental error has to do with discipline and intelligence.

    [Q]Linebacker Ray Lewis didn’t hold back after the loss. “It’s embarrassing to the game,’’ he said. “Did that win or lose the game? No, but it got them 14 points. A personal foul and he isn’t even touched. He’s a man. They can be hit, just like us. We stop them and then you look back and see a flag or a personal foul and Tom Brady is laughing. It wasn’t no personal foul if he’s still smiling.[/Q]

    Personally I can't stand Ray Lewis. I guess maybe I'm a little biased; maybe it has some thing to do with that murder allegation thing.. 

    He doesn't get it. The penalty has nothing to do with whether the quarterback is hurt on the play. If the quarterback is hit in a situation where the defender had an opportunity to stop himself from hitting the quarterback there will be a penalty.
    The refs are not going to start making judgment calls about the severity of a hit.