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Ravens are...

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    Ravens are...

    People!  Get real, the Ravens "play" football the way is was NEVER MEANT to be played...  They are, as many have said, thugs of the lowest caliber led by the infamous Lewis, followed by Pollard and Rice.  To say they "play" physical is fantasy.  What they play is to take you out of not only your game but the game.  Face it, they play to injure you exactly like the Saints organization did and probably still does.

    And, you know what is the worst part...  The worst part is the league continues to only levy fines and perhaps an occasional  game suspension for such travesties as authored by people like the Ravens thugs.  And, do you know why?  It's called owner influence charged by big dollars.

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    Re: Ravens are...

    In response to bingobilly's comment:

     "They are, as many have said, thugs of the lowest caliber." On the Fumble where they nearly took off Ridleys head. The Ravens showed absolutely no Civil Demanor in respecting that a played could have been seriously hurt. They were jumping around around like a "bunch of Kansas City *aggots", over a ball. No personal respect for players or the integrity of the game whatsoever. Hope there plane crashes.