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Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Call it "Venting", guys. It's what human beings do. "Pleasure"??? Really ?
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Tex, it was, and is one of the most embarassing performances I've ever seen. No grade could apply enough emphasis to describe the absolute debacle that was that HOME PLAYOFF GAME. It was simply pathetic.
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    TP, I have really enjoyed your write-ups, and even though some "hurt" to read, I have learnt tremendously from them.

    I got into football when I moved from Argentina to the US in January 1996 - one of my first games being the Pats superbowl vs. Green Bay, and coming from a soccer/rugby watching country it took me a while to understand this game. Everyday a learn a little more, and reading your posts, helps a lot.

    In short, as much as I would love to see As accross the board, that is not realistic, so I enjoy the honest evaluation that allows me to learn everytime more.

    I am looking forward to see what goes on in the offseason and to a new run in 2010.
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD


    I read Mighty's post and didn't really understand how he thought you were taking pleasure in grading the Pat's effort.  It would have been painful for me to go through the exercise you did this week.  Your report cards have been must reads for me this season and brutally honest in most cases. 

    Thanks for your work through the season.
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Let's see Kraft keeps the profits for himself spends the minimum to sign veteran players should we demand that Krafts sells the team.

    We can get another owner like the Remington Shaver man or the Coal and ICE man like the Sullivans.
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Hey Tex- how about grading the team with a big fat U for just plain ugly through and through.
    I will echo the sentiments of many here- and thank-you for taking the time to share your thoughtful, informed well written "report card" assessments every week.

    Agree or disagree- and I for one agree with your grades.
    Like you I have been a loyal fan for more years than I can count on my fingers and toes- and yeah I think we would need to go back to 1985 Bears game debacle to get a comparable horrible game- or horror show.
    No doubt Tom playing hurt. OL is woeful- and the D as a whole sad.
    Coaching this year was definitely the worse of the BB era.
    Lots of heads should roll right out of Gillette very soon.

    It's not just that the Pats were so out played yesterday- it's HOW they were outplayed.
    Ravens came out fired up and played all 60 minutes- they made the most of their talent. (Rice)
    And the coaching to expose Pats weaknesses was right on the money.

    I agree with you that Wilfork needs to realize that fans expect players to play like it matters. Especially in a play off game. Why should that even have to be said? No excuses. Too many excuses this year- no chemistry in the team as a whole. And yeah Wes was really missed not only for his mad crazy skills, but the way he never gives up and intensity he brings to his play on the field.

    Heres' to 2010!

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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Sacks and interceptions and allowing big plays took the Pats out of the game in the first minutes of the game and then the game plan was shot.  Being in obvious passing situations without arguably your best receiver is not where the Pats wanted to be.  This game was over half way through the first quarter.   
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    TPat: Thanks for the terrific analysis. Your reports are are always honest, perceptive and accurate. We were thrashed by a one dimensional team---the Ravens ran the ball down our throats and even when the score was 27-14 they ran right over us for time-consuming first downs.
     On offense I suspect that Moss played injured, because I couldn't believe the lack of energy and passion. With no running attack you would hope that receivers could get open and maybe catch an occasional pass but only Edelman and Faulk seemed up to the task.
     Coaching and special teams were also somewhere between poor and terrible. So when you size up the whole sorry state of affairs much must be done in the off season to fix this festering situation. I hope you'll continue to keep us posted on your take on the rebuilding process. Thanks, Trouts
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    A little harsh on the RBs.  Faulk's effort by itself raises the grade to a C.  But other than that, I can't argue.

    It was almost like the Ravens had the Pat's game plan for both the defense and the offense.  The only thing worse than the terrible early screen play that was blown up by the Ravens for a loss (and almost intercepted) was running it again for another loss and near interception. 

    Whatever happen to the ball control passing game where the Pats would throw for 4 and 5 yard gains?  Where did the creative defensive schemes of yesteryear go?  It used to seem like the coaching staff sould do no wrong and the players knew it.  In the old days, it seemed like the coaching staff would put together winning game plans that asked players only to do what they were truly able to do.  It seemed that the players believed that if they did what the coaching staff told them to do, then they would win.  And the players knew that the coaching staff wouldn't ask them to do things that they physically weren't able to do.

    This year, the coaching staff seemed a little at sea.  Either they couldn't figure out how to utilize the talent that they had or they lost the trust of the players.

    This year it just didn't feel like a Belichik team.   

    Kind of reminds me of the Celtics in the 80's.  A few seasons where they got better every year until they reached greatness and then a few years where they were hanging on.  Veterans got hurt and were never the same.  They brought in guys to fill gaps that really weren't up to the task.

    Luckily, the Pats aren't owned by the same type of people that owned the Celtics in the late 80s and 90s and I bet they get back on the horse fairly soon.

    It would be great if they were able to find a few coaches that they could keep around for a while.  The revolving door on the Offensive Coordinator's office has got to be stopped. 

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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    '' Though injuries did take their was clear throughout the season that the 2009 edition of the Patriots was perhaps the least talented of all Patriots' teams, since 2001. ''

    I wish our D was half as good as it was in 2001. When was the last time you saw our run D this bad in the playoffs? (never)
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    I disagree with only one point - Vince was one of three players to show up along w/Edelman and Faulk.  The LBs missed more tackles than I can recall in a long time.  Guyton is a part-timer it looks like, and you were spot on about Mayo.  The 3-4 is all about the DL taking the lanes, and LBs cleaning up.  The only thing they cleaned up was the trail Rice and McGahee burned.  The rest of the team was already in vacationland, as well as the coaching staff.  Being at the game the only high point was Welker's GF is smokin' hot!!
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD


    Thanks for your season-long insightful comments.

    Couldn't agree more with your grades. This team just lay down and died.  Maybe there's more going on behind the scenes than we know.

    And, Mighty, if I'd paid my hard earned to see that woeful effort, I'd have booed.  Loving your team doesn't mean you have to be blind.

    Here's to next year!
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD


    First off, thanks for the season recaps.  Yours is the 1st analysis I turn to after each game.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you used the term "soft".  That is what I have used repeatedly to describe the problems with the defense and the OL.  My belief is the OL and DL need to be the top priorities.  Everything else will benefit from those changes.

    I will quibble with you on one statement.  This loss was not as bad as it seemed. 

    "bull-dozed the Patriots, 34-14."   As you know, it was only 33-14. 
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    TP, I enjoy your grades but I have one complaint. You have been overrating Mayo all year long. He's a decent player at best. He won defensive rookie in a down year (he wouldn't even be top 4 this year) and he has been awful most of this year. I give him some props because he came back from his injury so fast, but how many big plays did he make this year? How many interceptions did he have? How many sacks (don't give me any middle linebacker nonsense because he does blitz)? How many tackles for a loss? Fumbles caused or recovered? He has good speed and he plays hard but how many goal line or short yardage tackles does he whiff on or fail to wrap up on. Let's face it, If Mayo is our best linebacker we are in trouble. In the future he may be great if he works hard but right now he is part of the problem. About Guyton, he's out of his depth right now, he belongs on special teams. TBC might be their best pass rusher and that's a scary thought. What's even scarier is trying to watch him tackle Ray Rice or hold containment. Actually the best defensive play of the game yesterday was Adalius Thomas creating contact off sides to stop a 2 point conversion before it started because our coaches were so unprepared they couldn't get 11 men on the field. Adalius is probably going to be a Jet next year and we will probably all ask why he didn't play like that for us, especially after he strip sacks Brady. In my opinion he was misused here from the beginning. In Baltimore he was never the man, he was a piece of the puzzle, a pass rushing specialist who we tried to make into an inside linebacker. 
         That was kind of long winded but I was trying to say I enjoy your grades but the biggest weakness on this team are not it's defensive backs but our linebackers who are not playmakers. Being amongst the league leader in tackles might mean your defense is on the field a lot. I'll trade those stats for turnovers caused or recovered every day. 

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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    We saw the Three Stooges Sunday - Pees, O'Brien and ?  (fill in the third)
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Thanks again for all the write-ups, TP. Always a great starting point in analyzing every game, and always something to look forward to.

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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Edelmen was great- he really showed somethng to me yesterday. Him and Faulk seemed like the only two players who brought some passion to the field with them. Did everyone notice Faulk screaming at his teammates on the sidelines? They then promptly went out and turned the ball over again.  Edelmen was pumped up as well, seemed like a man on a mission yesterday. Showed some good hands, some great effort and moves, and a whole lot of heart. Something that was sorry lacking from 98% of the team.
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    Re: Ravens @ Patriots REPORT CARD

    Come on kids! Please keep in mind that BB rebuilt damn near the whole organization in the offseason including most, if not all of his coaching staff. The chemistry is different and the playcalling showed. Given this fact, it's amazing they even made the playoffs! Most ordinary teams that undergo that many changes in an offseason can't get out of their own way!

    Chung is a good pickup. Give the man time! Look at Edleman! He's a monster! Getting rid of big Sey may have backfired but the biggist thing that lacks on defense is experience. These guys are young. This chit takes time. Back in the day when we had the vets we could get away with mind boggling defensive schemes. You simply can't throw too much at the young guys too soon. But by the same token you can't be too conservative. Case in point, the Denver game. It's a delicate balance.

    I agree the OL needs retooling except Vollmer. He's awesome. Get rid of the turnstiles and keep Brady healthy! This offense has more weapons than we ever had in the superbowl wins. We just don't know how to effectively use them due to playcalling. It's a catch 22. Give Brady guys like Moss and Welker and it seems like he's glued to them.....not good. Maybe we should give him a bunch of mediocre recievers and make him spread the ball like the good ole days! Sounds rediculous but, I'm just sayin.....

    And if you ask BB about it? He'll just say "It is what it is....."
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