Ray Edwards, Anyone?

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    Re: Ray Edwards, Anyone?

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    That's a fair assessment. But I think this defense needs either dramatically superior defenders behind their existing pass rush, or one more great pass rusher. Nink isn't great. He was a better run defender when they had him playing OLB, imo. He hasn't been great setting an edge this season, not to me. 

    Great assessment of Nink. He lost containment multiple times against the Bills which led to big yardage plays.

    Z - I agree we need an upgrade at a pass rushing spot and either an upgrade to Nink or more preferable to me the inside pass rush is needed. If they can upgrade the spot next to Wilfork then you can push Cunningham to Nink's spot on 3rd downs which would benefit both. However, I'm not looking to replace Nink with just anyone. Nink does a lot more for the D then a pass rushing specialist does. If you want to replace him then to me you are either replacing him situationally on pasing downs or you have to get an overall better player and Edwards to me is a 1 dimensional DE which that 1 dimension has faultered the last 2 years. I don't think Nink is a great player but I think he's underrated and better then average. You certainly won't find someone that's an upgrade to him off the street right now and if you are looking at FA then you are looking to spend some cash to find an upgrade. I think there best bet is to see how Bequette develops or draft a DE in the first 2 rounds next year that could replace him.


    jri - To be fair everyone failed to contain and tackle against the Bills not just Nink. It was a complete team failure across the line. But, taking that one game away Nink has been very good at containing the run and setting the edge this year.