RB could sink NE

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    RB could sink NE

     the ONE weakness that could come back to haunt the pats is in their backfield. they need either sammy morris or fred taylor to return asap. maybe maroney will never be a consistently productive RB, and/or a healthy one at that. maybe LawFirm won`t be as good as some may think he`ll be, or he could get hurt as well. what then? just hand the ball off to kevin faulk untill he gets hurt as well? the team NEEDS another healthy RB. hopefully sammy morris gets back sooner rather than later, with fred taylor able to contribute again in another month or so.  even then, when you see the type of running backs that some clubs are able to put on the field  i.e.dallas cowboys, you can only come to one conclusion..the pats have to be very lucky and have everything work out perfectly if they expect to have even a mediocre group of running backs to compliment  moss, welker and watson catching the ball from brady. as much as i hope that maroney and LawFirm will cut it they ain`t no marion barber or felix jones. RB could become the patriots achilles heal.  if NE can`t run consistently well, also expect brady`s interceptions to increase dramatically. too bad BB couldn`t swing a deal for steven jackson, who would have been like a younger corey dillon. with what they have right now, belichick will have to keep his fingers crossed, which is NOT the way he likes to operate.
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    Re: RB could sink NE

    Answer me this. Who were the RB's during 07? Then reask yourself that question if they will sink us.