1.The giants got whooped, and outclassed the by saints! The score doesnt even indicate how much of a blowout the game really was. (lmao @ 'Jints-fan' not only does he have a fat wife and have horrible parenting skills but the giants got blown out after i made the prediction that the saints would win easily)

2. The patriots offense finaly exploded! brady to moss is back on track 3tds! Just a complete game by the patriots, all 3 phases! awesome!

3.The titans debacle continues, I have a hunch... just a hunch... Jeff Fisher will be fired sometime this up coming off season.... AND wade phillips will also be fired... Jerry jones will hire Jeff Fisher!... just a hunch...

4. The vikings are the best team in the league becauses of #4... he did it again today. Next week... big game.. Vikings @ Steelers... wow

anyone else have some big stories from todays games?