I was reading this article about the Houston Texans bootleg throwback play (good read): http://espn.go.com/blog/afcsouth/post/_/id/44189/the-dangers-of-houstons-boot-throwback-play

2 things came to my mind:

1. This is a great example of how useful play action. I have seen this play work so many times for the texans, including a bomb against Denver and the one mentioned against the Lions. It speaks to the importance of a run game and how it can set up devastating play action pass...something the Patriots can do successfully when we commit to the run.

2. It's funny how delusional some of the non-pats fans in the comments are. A couple people call the Patriots "overrated" and refer to our loss against Arizona....back in week 2. I wasn't aware a loss in weak 2 was an indication of a team's whole season (/sarcasm). While the defense isn't perfect, it is slowly improving, especially with the addition of Talib (and without C. Jones)...yet we still hear references to "no defense". And to the guy saying Brady has nothing left...lol.

 On a side notes, Patriots have to watch out for this play because if they fall for it, Houston will make them pay.