really, bandwagon babies

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    In Response to Re: really, bandwagon babies : No I don't but name who is going to replace them all? The talent pool in the FA is drying up quick and we'll need to overpay average players just to fill the holes if this keeps up. You don't understand this isn't a deep FA pool to begin with and the draft ain't going to fill all the holes so the longer we go without finding replacements the more we'll have to pay for aging vets or second stringers. Faith has nothing to do with it plugging the holes with younger vets who have starting experience does.
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    ok, so overpaying for average talent will help us win a super bowl.  your better off saving the money for wilfork or a restricted free agent or the draft.  if you pay bodden #1 money, then how much do you have to spend to get a true #1 cb.  thin free agency, but that doesnt' mean you sign guys to fill holes even if they are average.  your better off, going the stop gap style for a year and use that money on a player that will make a difference.


    peppers 72 million is crazy for him.

    dansby is a great LB, however he is a tackler and not a pass ruch guy.  we need a pash rush,  how does he help.  he doesn't.

    dunta robinson at cb is hurt more than he plays.

    bodden is worth getting but not at 7 million a year.

    the jets can have antiono cromartie and his baggage..

    this offseason will be made thru the draft or restricted free agents because of the rule changes.
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    Re: really, bandwagon babies

    Yes all true, but when was the last really good draft for the Pats?
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    Re: really, bandwagon babies

    Maybe you didn't watch the Pats this year but they filled the team with stop gap options and look what it got us. With the starters we are losing if you replace them with stop gaps then we are only going to get worse. Yes the FA is overly thin which makes things even worse for a team with huge holes but explain to me in a league where teams are more willing to sign their stars to extensions who over the next couple years do you expect to come out for them to sign with the money they are saving with stop gaps? At some point you have to overpay to stop the bleeding or you turn into the Rams or Tampa or 49ers. All teams that were top of their divisions (most recently) but kept finding stop gaps and hoping picks would turn out to replace them.
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    Re: really, bandwagon babies

    The PATS won on coaching and D , and there hasnt been alot of that here lately. Im not sure if your 50 or 60 , but F/A is part of todays game , making a key trade here n there is part of todays game as much as stock pileing draft...draft picks that LATELY have amounted to a ham sandwhich and fresca! Why am I a "bandwagon fan" because I want my team to improve through different areas than you. Let me guess , "we got BB and 12" thats all we need , wrong! This draft isnt nearly as deep as some like to think , in fact I dont think its that deep at all in terms of real first rounders. None of the projected OLB's are worth taking anywhere in the first , besides Dez what receiver is worth taking at 22? How about RB's , besides Spiller who you got in the first , Matthews/Dwyer , Best screams 2nd round and Gerharts a 3/4 if I ever so one. This draft is has a bunch of OT's that will be gone by 15 , same thing with DT's , there are 3 worth taking a shot at in the first besides Suh/McCoy/Williams , Id pass on Price/Odrick until the second. And Im not sure if you need to change your dreul cup , but we havent exactly been "killin it" in the draft the past couple years. Ok its to early to call Chung/Brace/Butler bust...yet! None played well last year , all have "potential" , but who taken last year doesnt? And BTW we really blew it by missing Matthews and/or Laurinaitis/Maualuga. Both positions that we still need today! So save that "take it on the chin BS" , save that "trust in BB BS" for your great grandchildren. I know more about about than 98% of the "fans" on here and I know enough to say we blew it on Q and have done a terrible job in april the past 5-6 years! Whats the point in getting 600 picks unless you use/translate them into something tangible. Brady has 4-5 more elite years left and unless we capitalize on it we're going to look back 10/15 years from now and say "man we really blew it , we had a top 5 QB for 15 years and left 2-4 SB's left on the table because we were cheap and made putrid choices in F/A , trades , Draft" !!! Im not sure if your breathing in different air on that mountain , but step off and come back to reality dickhe@d
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    Re: really, bandwagon babies

    Hagen Im not sure if you've watched any sports in the past 20 years , but you always overpay for talent. Ok I wouldnt have payed the $ the 'fins did for Dansby , but Peppers is a top 3 pass rusher and has been since he came into the league. We could have used him as a OLB and have him play the 5 technique if we need on certain downs. Again Im really not sure if you watched ANY games last year , but our ILB spot is as much of a problem as our OLB position. And since were on the topic so is the 5 technique , teams made absolutely no secret that they were going to run at what would have been Sey's side and ran at will. You have no clue if you think all we need is a pass rush. All the pass rush in the world isnt going to stop a very good running game like the jets/ravens etc. And our ILB spot was terrible , we did a terrible job wrapping up , dianosing and reading plays , and it seemed like Meriweather taught the D how NOT to tackle. And while he was teaching them NOT to tackle it seemed he showed them the worse possible angles to take. Listen Im sorry if I said some harsh things to you , I really hate it when other question my fanhood(aka manhood LOL). This team has tons of big holes and has done a bad job at covering them up or filling them. It didnt take a genius to see that Tedy B had 2-3 more years left a couple years ago , we could have addressed that , but failed last year. And there are some really bad players and poor choices made of late. Its not to early to see that Meriweather is what he is and thats not very good. Same thing with Watson , we drafted a tight end in the first round who couldnt play tight end LOL! The guy has ran the same seem route for 5 years LOL! Sorry , but theres plenty more too!
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    Re: really, bandwagon babies

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    I don't see it all being bandwagons. I've followed the Pats since the early 90's but this offseason so far has been overlly frustrating mainly because we've never had this many holes and losing so many starters in one of season. here's a quick list: UFA's lost/losing: Starting RG Starting RT Starting RDE Starting ROLB Starting #2 WR ALL TE's Best RB (Faulk) Starting #1 CB Starting P RFA's: Starting K Starting LG Needs improvement: RB (all) Pass Rush (both 3rd DE and OLB) Starting CB's Center (Koppens good but need someone to open holes up the middle) I mean that's just an insane amount of starters to be losing. That alone jumps at you that you either need to resign players or need to be aggresive and plug a couple of those holes early in FA. Instead we are seeing other teams improve and the top FA's being taken off the board fast in a weak FA to begin with. We cannot plug all those holes with Draft picks. We'd be lucky to get a couple starters at best from the picks. BB's track record over the last couple years with bargain FA's has been horrible so you must forgive us if we get frustrated when we see players who could help the team go elsewhere. Let me tell you this though unless we get a couple talented FA's who are experienced starters soon they will be gone quick and our team will be looking far worse then it did last year.
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    Early 90's?? OMG what a freaking loser!!!  What is BB's track record over the last 10 years?  I love how stupid the Pink hats are.....

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    Re: really, bandwagon babies

    The Krafts have lots of contracts all expiring yesterday.  They have a clear plan for the uncapped season: 

    1.  re-sign Patriots players on or after March 5.

    2.  Wait for the price of good players to drop to nothing in the next few weeks, then sign them.

    3.  One scout estimates about 50 first round talents in the next draft.  So, get picks #22, #44, #47 and #53.  Of course BB will move options like a day trader, preferably with tickertapes flying every whichway.

    4.  Also, trade picks for players.  Incoming Alex Smith just cost BB a fifth rounder.  Smith should start until somebody better comes along. 
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    Re: really, bandwagon babies

     I remember thinking when ne got those players it was like drafting 5 times in the second round.
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    Re: really, bandwagon babies

    You know I keep hearing things like , "this draft has 50 guys with first round talent" , but Im not buying it. And I would love for someone to compile a list with those players because I just dont see it. Ive been looking at tons and tons of mocks and have been looking/grading out players for about a month now and dont see anything close to 50 players. Listen Im not an expert at all , but I really do think I know my stuff and I see about 30 legitimate first round talent/players out there. I agree with those who say this is a deep draft , but deep in terms of 2nd round round talent , not first. This is the best year Ive seen in a long time to be in the 2/3 round , but after the first 20-25 picks Id rather be in the early second. For example , I dont grade out any of the projected OLB's in the top 20 picks. None have seperated from each other and I really dont see that much of a difference between a Kindle or Graham , Hughes or Washington. Listen thats just my opinion , thats how I see it and I see the same things with the wideouts. After Bryant none jump out as the clear cut number 2. I do think that group overall is better than the projected OLB's. I really like Tate , he reminds me a little of D-Jack and Cris Chambers. If the PATS dont make any moves and stick with there picks where they are , Id love to see them grab him in the second. But even that group screams second round to me , keep in mind also that both of these positions are notorious for being risky/bust picks. Seriously in the last 5-6 years there are just tons of bust between the two and the Lions have half of them LOL! But seriously thats another reason why I dont see 50 first rounders. Mark my words , teams will take a step back this year when it comes to projected OLB's and teams have been stepping back the past couple years in terms of receivers. Id love to jump to 10/12 , I think we could get a Haden , McClain or even Berry. I think theres a good chance he falls a lil' because teams will go after Bradford/Clausen in the top ten. I have them two , Suh/McCoy , and maybe 4 OT's taken in the top ten. If that happens and someone bites on Bryant , theres a very good chance Berry falls out of the top ten to around 11-13. Another guy I love and have been screaming about the last two years is Earl Thomas from Texas. I have him right up there with Berry and he might even be a better tackler.
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    Re: really, bandwagon babies

    What amazes me is the number of fair weather chicken little fans coming out of the woodwork now. Its time for them to get off the bandwagon and leave the real fans who appreciate what Belichick has done after 40 years of faiure to root for the team. The pink helmet fans can feel free to root for the team down the road 200 hundred miles. We won't miss them.