Reason why the Falcons will win

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    Reason why the Falcons will win

    1)The Falcons are hungry and the Patriots have a sense of entitlement
    Every year begins a new.  Imagine you're in sales it doesn't matter what you've done in the in the past.  Its a what have you done for me lately mentality.  If you don't produce your FIRED. 
    2) Belichick has lost his edge.
    Why trade Seymour  when you already shipped many essential parts of the D out.  I understand getting rid of a 2010 free agent  for a future first rounder,(stealing from the raiders again) if your in rebuilding mode.  But you have to have a live in the now mode occasionally.  You have to have depth to make that move. On the Contrast the Falcons GM former Patriot director of scouting Thomas Dimitroff trades future second rounder for  future hall famer Tony Gonzalez ( thank Scott Pioli) 
    3) Better offense, Yes I said it.  This isn't 2007 
    a) Hurt and married getting sued hasn't played in a year Tom Brady VS. Rookie of the year , studying, not bangging super models (weakens the knees) Matt Ryan
    b) A group of 5 VS 2008 league leading rusher M. Turner
    c) Ben Watson VS Tony  "which of your horrible LB, DB is going to defend" Gonzalez
    d) WR is a push Roddy White is just as good as an old Moss
    4) Defense slight edge to the Falcons because of Pass Rush. Thank you John Abraham and best last name in football Kroy Beirman (beerman)
    5) Special teams- Last year the Falcons set an NFL record for punt coverage
    Jerrious Norrwood great kick of returner

    Sorry, now eat your chowder

    Matt Ryan is the Truth
    In Dimitroff and Smith We Trust
    a biased season ticket holder
    Go Falcons

    42-35 Falcons
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    Re: Reason why the Falcons will win