Rebuilding Time

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    Rebuilding Time

    Began at the begining of the year with the trades and or release of key veterans that were part of the championship teams.

    The one and done appearance in the playoffs should not have surprised anyone.  This team simply has too many holes on both sides of the ball.

    Championship teams are built with defense so the first order of business should be to add an all around defensive end that can stop the run and rush the passer.  As a matter of fact 2 of those type of players would be great. And one could even be an outside linebacker.  This team cannot put pressure on the quarterback.  

    A shut down corner would be nice.  The secondary has been abused all year long but some of that may be because the Pats cannot rush the passer.  Nevertheless we need the type of corner that can cut off half the field.  

    The Patriots need a stud wide receiver.  Randy Moss is no longer a #1 receiver.  Or if you do not believe that than maybe Brady has also gone done hill.  I understand that he is coming off of an injury but to be honest his 'decision making' this year has not been  good.  We can blame some of his accuracy issues on the knee but throwing into coverage and missing open receivers all year long should give everyone cause for concern.

    The offensive line needs to be upgraded.  Matt swiss cheese light has been getting beat all year long on the left side and now we are seeing major breakdowns right up the middle.  Can anyone say Center. 

    The Patriots also need to add a kick returner.

    In sum we need at least three playmakers on defense ( DE, OLB, CB) These would really need to be exceptional players.  The pats need 3 players on offense including a tackle and a center, a WR.  and a punt/kick returner for special teams.

    The Patriots also need to begin looking for a replacement for Tom Brady.  I think Tom has peaked and as his physical abilities decline he is just going to get worse.  
    We need 7 new quality players on the team to get back to the level of championship play.

    As far as the coaching is concerned.  Both coordinators should be fired.  The play calling on both sides of the ball has been atrocious all year long.


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    Re: Rebuilding Time

    100% agreement with Everything....especially firing the two coordinators...
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    Re: Rebuilding Time

    didnt the pats rebuild this year?I think BB needs to go back to his old formula.good veteran players that have never won anything,and are hungry. mixed in with talented youth.
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    Re: Rebuilding Time

    Smoking Joe

    no pun intended but smoke and mirrors is just not going o get it anymore.  

    The Patriots need an influx of talent.  Some of this can come from the draft and some of it can come through trades and free agency

    I say bring back Romeo and Weiss.  This team has little connection with being a winner.


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    Re: Rebuilding Time


    The pats began the rebuilding process this year  but they did not fill all the holes.  There is some young talent on the team that can still be coached up but the patriots must do something about their offensive and defensive lines.  

    You cannot rebuild a team in one year.  

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    Re: Rebuilding Time

    Thank you Encinitas!  I swear, things go wrong and the whole board goes insane.

    Poor OL play does lead to poor rushing and passing.  With a QB nursing a blown out knee it can't be very comforting to see the entire defense in your face every time you throw the ball.  Vollmer is a step towards fixing this thing. 

    Poor pash rush makes your DBs look foolish.   The defensive backfield is very good.  The Pats need to concentrate on getting the pass rush fixed this year.  It's priority one.  The Pats will not go deep into the playoffs ever again if this doesn't get fixed.

    Poor personel makes good coaching look bad.  If you can't block or tackle you're SOL.
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    Re: Rebuilding Time

    Who replaces Moss? Tell me who the Pats can get that is better than Randy Moss? He gets doubled team as much or more than any other #1 receiver in the game. Welker is great, but put him on a team without a Tom Brady and a Randy Moss and he doesn't have over 100 receptions. Put Welker with Jay Cutler and see if he is as dominant. I love Welker, but he is complimented by Brady and Moss. Welker needs Moss. Moss needs Welker. Brady needs them both.

    People want to jump all over Moss and say how he needs to go. Why? Because he "appeared" to take a game off? The only receiver I'd take over Moss is Andre Johnson. Period.

    You gonna take TO over Moss? The cancer of EVERY team he's ever been on?

    I'm just asking for an explanation.....why replace Moss? Why isn't he a #1 anymore? What's the justification?