Recap of the season.

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    Recap of the season.

    As you will see, I say this was an unsuccessful season.

    What do you all think? I think it is pretty obvious that it was not a good season but you all may think different about it.
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    Re: Recap of the season.

    Maybe your post can be the start of some sort of reasoning around here.

    Let's go back to the beginning of the season.  What questions did we have?  Brady, the rush, defensive backfield, Galloway, the running game and a couple of others I'm probably missing.  Before the first game this board was in my opinion over the top optomisitic.  How can a team with so many questions going into the season expect to be going to the playoffs?

    The Pats get off to a rocky start and the naysayers come out of the woodwork.  Optomism goes in reverse.  Instead of waiting until the half way point of the season to see if the defense gels or how Brady reacts to see trends.  Well at the half way point it didn't look too good.  It looked like we might make it to the playoffs instead of going.  Brady wasn't Brady and the pash rush was still non-existant.  The running game did show some promise even with Maroney as the go to guy.  Some work still needs to be done here and it's not all Maroney's fault either.

    Now to answer was it an unsuccessful season.  It depends on what you look at.  Going to the playoffs is a big deal and the Pats made it. So I say succussful, a goal was made.  On the other hand and this is what I looked to is did the Pats address their needs during the off season.  No, they did not.  Brady was not Brady this year.  I don't believe he struck fear in anybody the second half of the season.  The pass rush was not there and if it is not there next year we will see more of the same.  The OL needs fine tuning.  Vollmer fixed a lot of stuff, what a find!  We need to get younger at RB.  These measurables lead to an unsuccessful season.  The Galloway bust and going in short at WR killed us.
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    Re: Recap of the season.

    garytx.....   the success of this season is dependent on the goal.  If you ask the Pats, from a season perspective, it is a failure.  A horrible one at that given how it ended.  If you look at it from "benchmark" perspectives, they succeeded in 3 out of 4:

    #1 - Winning record - success
    #2 - Win Division - success
    #3 - Make the playoffs - success
    #4 - win SB - failure