I like the recycling of coaches into the booth where they have no responsibility,but a great number of opinions.
These men know the principals and have favorites. They also can point out the weaknesses or lack of imagination of the offensive line coach,the backfield coach,the defensive coordinator.
The NFL and AFL protects its own.NFL personnel,coaches,players,and general managers keep moving in a closed circle.It's a complex business filled with treachery and intrigue,back biting,and psychotic episodes.
How did the Buddy Ryan dynasty begin.It's just like the Gores of Tennessee.
People worry far too much about the antics of  the drunk or drugged youngsters and not enough about fist fights and insult takedowns among the coaches who follow the secrecy rules of theFederal Reserve,CIA or Supreme Court.Ex coaches particularly know they better not turn anyone in as stupid for this guarantees an exit back into the world of college or even high school,where parents and alumni can actually touch you and your contract negotiations.