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Reed to Indy?

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    Reed to Indy?

    Well Reed reiterated during the post game that he's planning on coming back

    Joe Flacco just said he's going to stick it to the owner (said it with humor though)

    According to CBS' Jason La Canfora, "a lot of people believe" impending free agent Ed Reed will sign with the Colts.

    Reed — who doesn't even have an agent — appears set to hire proper representation and hit the open market. Although Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti isn't certain Reed will even play in 2013, he admits it might not be in Baltimore if he does. Reed would be reuniting with coach Chuck Pagano in Indianapolis, who served as Baltimore's defensive coordinator from 2008-11. Safety was a major problem area for the Colts in 2012.
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    Re: Reed to Indy?

    Would make sense. They may be willing to give more years and money than the Patriots. Now that he has the ring, it will be interesting if he goes for money or a shot at another ring. I think he will weigh both things, take the best offer from a good team.

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    Re: Reed to Indy?

    I don't know if it's the years. I honestly don't see him playing for more than a year. He just got his ring, so I feel it's just that he still loves to play the game. Also don't know if NE offers the best shot at a ring. A very good shot, but we still haven't won it in a long time.


    Here's what I think is the biggest thing, comfort. Reed has played 11 seasons, he probably doesnt want to jump into something new at this stage of his career.


    I wouldn't count the Pats out, but I would favor the Colts.


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    Re: Reed to Indy?

         Now that Reed has a ring, the need for him to play on a strong championship contender is not as great. I can see him going to Indy...especially if he has coaching aspirations. It may be part of any deal he signs that he'll stay on, when his playing days are over, as DB coach.