Refs had a decent game...

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    Refs had a decent game...

    I thought the refs did a pretty good job of keeping their flags in their pockets for this game.  They didn't let ticky tack stuff get called...they seemed to only call the stuff that HAD to be called.  There could have been a flag on either the offense or defense on Branch's TD catch...but they let it go.  That was good...letting the players play.  

    They didn't miss many calls either...they seemed on top of the game.  Hope they graded out high.  That crew was so much better than the one presiding over the SF/NO game.  
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    Re: Refs had a decent game...

    Overall, I agree.  Had one of the better head officials, too.  But they did miss two late hits on Brady early in the game and a late hit on the sideline to a Pats player in the first half. 

    Glad they didn't have Mike McCarey.  That guy is the worst, followed by Hoculi.
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