Refs out of control, possible solutions

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    Re: Refs out of control, possible solutions

    There needs to be a competitive system in place to become a ref in the first place.  There is nothing but complacency here, and there is zero incentive for them to do well at their jobs.  Most of these guys didn't even start their careers as refs in the first place.  A lot are career switchers.

    Players can make performance bonuses, why not refs?  And for that matter, if players can get docked pay for violations (real or not), then start fining refs for their own mistakes. 

    Can't believe I'm saying this, but there've been games this season throughout the league in which the replacement refs would've made better calls.

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    Re: Refs out of control, possible solutions

         The rules give the refs too much discretion. Too many gray areas. More black and white type rules are needed.

         Here are some thoughts:

    1.) Don't call PI anymore unless it's a flagrant violation. Ticky-tack contact should be flagged as illegal contact only...a 5 yard penalty, and an automatic first down.

    2.) Come up with a formula or definition for offensive try to lend some consistency to the call. 

    3.) Penalize chop tackles like the one that felled Gronk, and liberalize the blow to the head penalties, unless the hits constitute spearing with the helmut, with intent to injure...or a clear cheap shot to a player out of the play.

    4.) Bring back practices to what they once were...cease Thursday night games, except on Thanksgiving. No team plays more than two Monday night games.

    5.) Shut down all lawsuits by having players sign waivers...and have all disputes resolved through grievance procedures filed by the player and the NFLPA. Make all disciplinary rulings made by the Commissioners subject to appeal, through binding arbitration.