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    Re: Refs

    Bottom line, refs were terrible know matter which team you liked.

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    Re: Refs

    the kick was good.....the refs were not

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    Re: Refs

    In response to PhatRex's comment:


    In response to kevin13130's comment:


    In response to PhatRex's comment:

    Are you talking about the Dolphins team  that won 35-13 last week, right and today's game filled with many mistakes by both teams, some great D by both teams a missed 49 yard FG and a game winning drive after a 300 yard day by Sanchez?  

    Really? You're proud of barely edging the Dolphins? Instead of being concerned about barely beating one of the worst NFL teams this season, you're somehow making excuses for why the game was tough? That, in itself, speaks volumes about how you truly feel about your team.


    The Dolphins who won 35-13 last week and have shut down every RB they've faced?  Those Dolphins?  Another way of saying "barely edging" is simply "winning".  I'll take it over the alternative.  


    Yes, barely edging does imply that you won. Excellent reading comprehension there. I'm sure "winning" against the Dolphins has you brimming with confidence about your next opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, who have also shut down every RB they've faced.

    You should handle those guys no problem right? I mean, after all, block-negating timeout by Philbin notwithstanding, you just bested the all-world won-35-13-last-week Dolphins!!