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    Re: Reiss's Mailbag

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    Well I am pumped about the chances of the 2013 Pats, dominated the issue of vet WR/CB vs. busted/wasted draft picks on this thread.... Mason, Law, Samuel, Boldin and Goldon... those were the moves


    Yeah, you really flexed your muscles on this one. We also should have got Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, Demarcus Ware, and Ed Reed. Those were the moves. It was obvious.

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    WHat is your opinion of his last 3 AFC title games at home?



    They are 2-1.


    Yes, but the lone loss? Our did couldn't bail him out because we lost Talib and Jones.


    See what I mean? If the D isn't bailing him out, it seems like we'll lose, which is a huge problem in an offensive era like this.


    Who is "our did" and who is the person the D was supposed to be bailing out?

    Was it the guy that dropped the critical 3rd down pass or the other 3 guys that dropped passes or the guy that couldn't punch it in from the 1 yard line or the one who fumbled?  Maybe it was the coach that didn't call a time out?  Or were you referring to them not bailing themselves out by failing to make a single goal line stand?  Of course not, you wouldn't call them "he", that would be silly.

    Surely you're not talking about the guy that  leads the offense and has been bailing them out for the past several years by establishing huge leads and making their lives a whole lot easier?    Maybe you think the D would be better off with a different QB, since he can't do that 100% of the time???  Unfathomable!!!!

    Surely not, because that would be against the very meaning of the word "TEAM", and would indicate you have no concept of that meaning.  Nobody's that dumb, RIGHT?  RIGHT?

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    Re: Reiss's Mailbag

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    Belichick has had over 5 years to completely revamp a defense in his own mold. Scouts be damned, Belichick makes the final picks. They traded up twice last year in the draft, and they've drafted 2nd-round defensive players for several years. Belichick over the last 5 years has had the draft ammunition in terms of picks to trade up, down, whatever to grab the guys who can make an impact. If the Pats trot out yet another well below-average defense this season there is no one in the world to blame other than Bill Belichick. He constructed this as he saw fit. No excuses.

    Ye, this team has been such a disappointment under BB. THey never win games. They never win their division. They never get anywhere in the playoffs.

    What a whiner.

    OH, and the D is clearly getting better.


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    Re: Reiss's Mailbag

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    Considering, you, the mods, trolls and about 10 irrationals follow me around on regular basis, apparently I am.




    Crazy boy. Nobody follows you around you paranoid lunkhead.


    They simply are going their merry way and come across yet another pile of your inane verbal defecation and they have to body slam the stupidity of it.



    LMAO, you and jints follow rusty around like a puppy dog


    i "follow" no one...i just react unfavorably to egomaniacal blowhards who think they know everything and turn every conversation into an argument filled with personal attacks and name calling and condescending disparagement-and since he has a dozen different names he is rather hard to avoid you must admit

    say, do you have rusty's picture in ur wallet?

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