Being Perfect in the regular Season is overrated. Yeah the Colts may go 14-2 or 15-1, but remember how bad the Giants were in 07? They were awful at times that year & they indeed caught 'lightening in the bottle' to win the SB. Nobody cares how well you play in the middle of the season (ie, Rex Ryan).

The Pats are gonna go under the Radar again. Let the Colts be Targets. Let the Colts think they are the better team. The Pats dominated most of the Game. No Phantom call on Butler, no fumble by Maroney, & no End Zone Interception, totally different game.

Bottom Line:  Any of you guys who play sports know we beat ourselves last night, not vice versa. Let the School Boy Colts have their Day...I would rather have things go our way in the Post Season.