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    This team will NOT win the Super Bowl unless we revert to the Pats of Dillon,Smith and play making defense. The D has already shown that it is more than up to the task early. Stevan Ridley is as good or better(explosive) than both Dillon and Smith during our glory ( We knew we'd win) years. With an O line in flux( for now), Brady is best served under center (with the OPTION TO AUDIBLE) than spread with barely any protection. Teams have seen this for a DECADE and OUR receivers aren't made to break tackles on our BUBBLE SCREENS with the bigger and faster corner. If we are to remain ths fast break O , we need more Torrey Smith than Wes Welker(Speed and Size).That is not who we are anymore. More Ridley, more play action.... LESS RAZZLE DAZZLE( Looking at u Josh and Woody)

    RIDLEY IS  A BEAST!!!!!!!





    I would like to remind you and EVERYONE else that we BARELY won the first three.  It was close in all of them, and we SQUEAKED by.  The two we lost were also close, and the other team SQUEAKED by.  All the histironics and shrieking is a bit silly.  We lost two in a row, so it feels bad, but we got there, were leading, and couldn't hold on.  Adjust, move forward, and win the next one.  It is life, disappointment makes winning even sweeter.  I like this team..... and expect they will get better as the year goes on.  Not sure about Winslow, but I guess we will see.  

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    Hey Gunty!  Get laid yet?  lmao


     This is why you get banned and will continue to get banned.

    Nothing to do with your view on the Pats.  The fact that you and a few of your desciples or alternate accounts, make this place a hostile envirnoment just because other fans have differing views, is the reason.

    Honestly, your whole ability to reason period, is in doubt.  It's warped.

    Do you treat your clients that way?  What clients?  LOL


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    In response to shenanigan's comment:

    So your prediction is that if this team gets significantly better at every week area until it has no weakness than there is a chance that they will win the Superbowl.  Thanks Nostradamus.


    Setting aside the fact that the 2003 Patriots did not run the ball very well, or very effectively (one of the worst running teams to ever win a SB), lets imagine that they apply this brilliant SB winning philosophy to a game. Let's say that game is against Arizona, and for three quarters they play tough defense and run the ball more than pass, almost all of it under center.  Then I guess there would be no chance they would be losing by 11 points in the fourth quarter and be forced to throw the ball to catch up.   And those last two drives out of the shotgun would not have produced more points than the previous eleven drives under center.  And certainly would have won.


    hahaha! spot on but queenie is gonna hate this one


    Good post shenanigan.  This work in progress, O scares me.  They better find some middle ground fast as they looked pathetic,  just totally out of sinc.  Never a rythem until the last 2 drives.  Run, run, 3rd and long.  Running on 3rd and long W T F.  Long bombs on 3rd and 2.  Get the first down Joshy!!! UGH!

    And Jints, who cares what the hater, hates. 

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