Reminds me of last year's Ravens team

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    Reminds me of last year's Ravens team

    I read a tweet from Peter King and he basically said the Patriots aren't 'done' without Mayo but they're on the end. It reminded me of last year's Ravens team. Around this time, I was one of the people writing them off. They had potentially lost Ray Lewis with the elbow injury (until deer antler spray happened), I think Suggs was still missing or very ineffective, they had lost Webb for the year. I liked how they took the hits, kept a solid commitment to running the ball, and rallied on defense. Even up until the last 2-3 weeks, the Ravens were a mess. Just got hot at the right time.

    As long as we stick to the run and go from there, we should be fine. I love the defensive mentality this year as well and the depth. I think moving Rob Nink back to LB and get a little more Collins in there would be a good patchwork job of 'replacing' Mayo. Collins may have some major breakdowns but it's critical game experience he'll be getting. I still love our schedule. I do see 2-3 losses in there though.

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    Re: Reminds me of last year's Ravens team

    The Ravens did not lose Ngata though (Wilfork). He was their best defensive player and they had a strong defensive tradition for over a decade. This is the first really good defense the Pats have had since 2007 or 2008 and unfortunately for the Pats it is pretty young and it's the leaders that are getting hurt. I think they will fight hard but unless the pass rush improves I see troubles. Talib is an absolute shutdown corner and we saw last year Arrington's struggles when Talib was hurt. I like Arrington and he seems to have cut down on the drive saving PI's that have tormented him for the past 2 seasons. I just do not have any confidence in Gregory at all. He should not be starting for a super bowl contender in my opinion. It seems that he is the guilty party on most of the big plays the defense has given up so far this year. I hope I am wrong and I hope you are right and I really hope Mayo is not done for the season. 

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    Re: Reminds me of last year's Ravens team

    We know how this works; if they say "likely done for season..." 99 percent chance he is.   If there is a real chance at a SB date this season, 2 of these 3 things need to happen:

    1. Offense must be back at full strength by December.

    2. Talib ABSOLUTELY must be back and healthy.

    3. BB makes a trade for a LB.  (Here is where "from within" is risky.  They're thin as it is.  Unless Collins suddenly is the next greatest thing in 2 weeks of work = tall order for a rookie)

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    Re: Reminds me of last year's Ravens team

    The way I see it:  Gronk needs to get on the field. Talib needs to get healthy. Kelly needs to get healthy.  One of the following needs to step up:  Fletcher/Collins/Hightower.  Young wideouts need to continue to improve.  If these things happen I believe they have a real shot.  Short of that, they're facing an uphill climb.