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Waters did not turn down a pay raise...the Pats resturctured his contract on a game by game pay out, so if he did not play, he wasnt paid. The story implies that Waters agreed to this set up, but it removed all financial obligations off the Pats for this year onto Waters.


its now documented though curran wrote it sept 7th, pats offered him in 4 mil range for the year and he didnt bite.


But it was a game by game pay out so if he was hurt or inactive, he didn't get paid


So the Pats were covering their behinds in case Waters decided to stay home. Sounds like we offered him 4 million if HE really wanted to play. This refutes your theory that the Pats were too cheap to pay, and that they wasted their money on Gallery or whoever when they could have got a mike wallace blah blah blahhhhhhhh.


You have always been a BB the GM hater, under some false pretense that we could have gone after Mario Williams or insert name here_ _ _ _ _ _for big dollars instead of a slew of players who may or may not work out. What you always choose to ignore is that it is about team building, and not how many 50 million dollar guys you can squeeze in the payroll.


It is exhausting explaining BB's team building philosophy to guys who have been here for years.


The pay out was game by game, so if Waters was hurt and did not play, he would not get paid. 

I was all for signing depth. I simply thought Gallery was done last year. I also criticized the free agent class this year. Lots of wasted money, not a lot of return on investment. This defense has a ton of depth, no playmakers. When Trevor Scott and Daniel Fells show up on the stat sheet, then come back here and gloat. But don't wait for Agonzo, Gaff, Gallery, Fanene, Stallworth, Carpenter etc as they are wasted $$$

Maybe one day you can explain BB team building philosophy. But look at the situation with Waters, Welker, why Branch did not start the season with the team, why Winslow was passed 3 weeks ago and brought back. And remember if a Player is on the team game 1 his salary is guaranteed the year. All of these moves were financially motivated because the free agent misses cost so much $$$$