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Returned from the Texans game....

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    Returned from the Texans game....

    and had a great time.  The weather was unbelievable for mid dec evening in Foxboro.  No rain at all with the temps around 60.

    Had a great seat around the 45 yard line.  I was 6 rows below the ESPN broadcast a picture of Gruden and Trico.

    As far as the game went.  I figured BB was going to take Foster out of the game and after his first two runs he did nothing.  Offense played great the first quarter....the Texans defense was confused most of time and there were tons of mismatches for Brady to take advantage of.

    I'm disappointed Stallworth was placed on IR.....I think he provided us with the deep threat we sorely need.

    It's a really great experience being there instead of watching on tv....well worth the dough I forked out for the ticket and expenses.





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    Re: Returned from the Texans game....

    GR8 game.  Amazin the rains stopped before game time.