This was one of the toughest losses I've ever seen. To me it's up there with Buckner, and Aaron Boone's home run but the one thing I can take out of this is they can take it to them at Indy. If they play for 60-min, and I mean play and not go into a prevent they can beat this team on the road.
The Colts have some key people out for the year and we have some key people coming back. We didn't have the running game we could field and we didn't have the Pass rush we could put out there and we'll have both of those come playoff time.

Now, with that said we need to get to the playoffs. We know the road goes through Indy so let's not worry about last night and let's start worrying about the Jets. If we win this game it put's us up three again and looking good for the division. You can bet your bottom dollar the lesson leaned last night is to play hard and make good sound decisions for 60-min so I don't think you see TB coming out when they start running the score this week. The Fat-Man and the kid could be in serious trouble this week.

Nothing can stop the pain from last night's game except one thing, eliminate them from the playoff's in their own building and that means getting there.