Revis situation could benefit the Pats!

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    Re: Revis situation could benefit the Pats!

    I have to agree as well , I cant understand why you would say that about Key? He was what he was , he wasnt going to give you 10 plus TDs a year , but he was a very good all around WR. He'd catch everything thrown to him and at least in my lifetime theres only been 1-2 guys that have gone over the middle like him. This guy would catch absolutely everything over the middle , no matter how hard a hit he was going to take. BTW Welker is one of those two guys. Plus like , MVP said he was a great blocker. HOF , no way , but the man was a very good player.
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    Re: Revis situation could benefit the Pats! my take on why the pats beat the jets. revis' holdout helps lol.
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    Re: Revis situation could benefit the Pats!

    In Response to Re: Revis situation could benefit the Pats!:
    Im sorry to go off topic , LOL but Ill just put my 2cents in about Revis. Who is a very good player , but not a great one yet. Again I think hes a very good player , but overrated in terms of all the attention hes getting. The jets did a great job at collapsing the pocket last year , sending many guys from different postions. They played great team D. Im sorry , but you lose points in my book if you think Revis makes that D go. No CB is worth 100 million , are we even having this convo? The guy has had ONE , count 'em LOL or it , ONE very good year. And this isnt some homer talking , yea I live/die Boston sports , but Im not some fanboy loser who slurps anything Boston sports. It blows my mind how some of you are all over this guy. Almost everyone on that jets D had their best season and again they played great team D. The guy is cashing in because of all the slurping everyone has done including his coach , who btw is becoming closer and closer to a cartoon. And to all you know nothings who call him a " shutdown CB " , well you need to get a clue. I LOL when I read the first post of this thread. Something like , "Revis is the only CB that can shutdown Moss" , really? Do you guys just watch sportscenter and call it a day. Heres a FACT for you. Revis was across from 81 77 X's last year. How many times did he cover 81 on true man coverage? 7 TIMES , only 7 times did he play Randy one on one. Thats not my opinion , thats fact! Again this guy had tons of help because of the pressure the jets got up front. Even at 33 Moss would DESTROY any CB that played him just one on one. I was at the first pats/jokes game last year in NJ and saw 81 beat him about 70% of the time. I wanted to get a second opinion so I watched Playbook and NFL matchup , both show you parts of the all 22 tape and I was right. Randy won about 65-70% of the matchups that day. Problem was that 12 was eating dirt all day! He was HIT 21 times , Im sorry , but no WR is having a good day when their QB is hit 21 times , and obviously thats not including pressure. In the second game the jokes wanted to double 81 , so 12 hit 83 up for 192. And btw Randy did have a bad back and seperated shoudler .. lets not forget. Listen Im not trying to discredit what this guy did , but he doesnt played WR's one on one , sorry but he doesnt. You want to watch someone who does , then watch Nnamdi , who plays in a 1970's style Raiders D , whos forced to play true man. Lets see how he plays when everyone on the jets doesnt have career years. And lets see him do this year after year , then you can call him a great player.
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    I agree with all of this. I am not 100% sure about the 77 to 7 thing but I have already posted about Revis absolutely having help on Moss most of the time he plays him.

    No CB is worth that much coin. QB maybe then maybe Pass rushing maniac(DE/OLB) and perhaps RB/WR. No position that can only limit 1 opposite  players ability is worth 100 mil.
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    Re: Revis situation could benefit the Pats!

    Ill stand by those numbers and got those figures from Hodgy on NFL matchup last year. One of the few shows that play back some of the all 22/ coaches tape. And Im sorry , but no CB , Prime , Woodsen etc can cover Moss straight up man for an entire game. Moss would eat any CB up if they dared played him straight up man , including Revis. Listen Moss is my boy , but Im not some fanboy/loser . I was at the first jets/Pats game last year and Moss beat him most of the day. How can you expect him to put up any numbers when his QB is hit 21 times and thats not including the pressure he got. And in the second game , lets not forget Moss was hurt w/ a bad back and seperated shoulder. The jets wanted to double him , so 12 hit up 83 for 15/190 and btw , we won that game. For a guy that has only had ONE very good year , theres an awful lot of slurping going on. And Ill say it again , the jets had everyone hitting on all cylinders last year. Everyone had a great year last season. Lets see him do this year after year , then we can start to call him a great player. Thats something that really gets me , a guy balls out of his mind for a year and all of a sudden hes the best. Moss has " Mossed " tons of DB's that were as good or better than Revis , guys that have done it a lot longer than him.
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    Re: Revis situation could benefit the Pats!

    All I was saying is that Key was a very good player ... LOL thats it. Hes not a HOF and the fact that he averaged 75 rec's and Randy averaged 77 means what exactly? And I couldnt help but notice how you said " even while taking plays off ". Not sure if that was directed at Moss or Key , either way it was a pretty cheap and weak shot. Every single WR that has ever played the game has taken plays off. All of them. Ive watched Randy since college and he takes no more or less plays off then any WR. Anyone who really thinks that clearly has not watched him play ... at all! Ive seen him take out Urlacher and other backers blocking for his teammates. And he's done the samething in NE. Hes no killer , but does what he cans. The guy has a chitty game and its where was Moss , did you see Moss dogg it today etc? And the samething could be said for Key , the guy was a great blocker. And sorry MVP , but you must have never seen Key play. If you did then you would never say that blocking was his best attribute. Not even close buddy , please name me the WR that did a better job at going over the middle and making the catch. Even to this day Id say hes one of the best ever at that. Again hes not a HOF and wasnt worth the number 1 overall pick , but the guy could ball and was a top 10-12 WR when he played. Not to be that guy that has to get the last word in , but I say this should be the last mention of Key LOL.