My, how things have changed. I listened to Ryan's press conference with the New England media and here are some bits and pieces:

- "Tom Brady, without question, is the best quarterback in the league"
- "Randy Moss is the best vertical receiver in the league. No doubt"
- [when asked about 4th and 2] "You never question Bill Belichick. He's won three rings and he knows his team better than any of us"
- "How can you ever question a guy that's won three Super Bowls?"
- [when asked if they were taking a different approach this time around by not talking much trash] "Well, saying that I wasn't here to kiss Belichick's rings was actually a compliment but it was taken differently by everyone."

"This is a huge challenge," Ryan said. "But this is the same football team we beat in Week 2. So we know we can beat them. I know everybody said they're gonna be mad and they're gonna be ready to get after it and they're gonna try to whip us and all that."

"Guess what? We're gonna try to whip them. Again. So we'll see."

Also of note, in his Monday press conference he said, "We're going up there to win and I know we're going to get it done"