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    I will start this by not blaming Ridley for the loss. It was the terrible play calling where we could have gone three scores up but threw an INT in the endzone. But did anyone else notice Riddley running to not fumble more then running to get yards? I know you are suppose to do both but he really seemed gun shy about hitting the holes like he usually does. I hope he gets over that quickly and holds the ball not to fumble but run like you are going to get every yard possible on the play like little bigman was doing!!!

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    Re: Riddley

    You can't blame Ridley because he doesn't play DB.


    He is an improvement over Benny, but he won't be getting the tough yards for us either.

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    Re: Riddley

    I did notice that he looked like he was running scared and not to fumble - and you can't run like that. Personally I like him - I think he's got potential, but he has a long way to go before he can get yards against a very good run D on the road. I bet if he wasn't so worried about fumbling he would of done better, but then again he may of fumbled. 

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    Re: Riddley

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    What I noticed is that Woodhead was used on 60% of the plays for the majority of the 58 passes so when Ridley (now the new BJGE) is not used as a lead back in games (or Bolden), that's what going to happen. The RB has no rhythm, nor does the offense, which ties into your playcalling complaint.

    Like Woodhead, don't want him on the field that much and I don't want Brady in a shotgun for 40+ time so we lose.

    The Jets have a D that is a joke and they can't stop the run. If we don't just hand it off to Ridley next time with Brady under center, for 20 times minimum, McDaniels is a moron.

     Woody was the only one having a game after Boden went down.  Open your eyes.  Did they even play Ridley until then? 

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    Re: Riddley

    He was def running more cautiously  with 2 hands on the ball. I hope bb doesnt get in his head with these fumbles. If he runs for 1300-1400 yds and 11-13 td (his projected stats even after horrible seahawks game) 4.4 ypc. Then losing 4-5 fumbles a year is a fair tradeoff for that much production.  BGE just had a lucky streak with us, now bb expects that to be the standard ( I believe BGE has already has 2-3 fumbles this year).