I really like Ridley, I thought we had more 15-20 yard runs last year than we have had in recent memories. I think 1200 12td's could be an average stat line for him, which I am more than happy with.  


I do think Vereen will be more of a 1b type player this comming year, he is too skilled and talented to keep on the bench (just needs to keep healthy), he is a dynamic player that I think can be a playmaker and gamechanger, which this offense could use.


I don't mind Bolden, but I don't know if he showed enough last year to make a solid case for him, the suspension doesn't help either.  I think he'll need a strong training camp.  


What are the thoughts on Washington? he is 30 years old, hasn't done much in the running game the past couple of seasons.  Is he still a dynamic kick returner?  Do we have someone that can compete with him there? Maybe one of the UDFA's like Hines RB from Akron or the CB Morris from Penn state?


No opinion on Blount,  2 years ago I thought BJGE ran REALLY well against Baltimore, I think maybe it was the AFC championship game, I don't know if his stats reflected it, but I was really impressed.  Maybe Blount will be better suited at getting those tough yards against real tough run defences than the others?